About - RetroGameUp

RetroGameUp is a website that is going featuring a great variety of articles and videos.

It features:

  • Article about a specific video game (either as a overview, a review or as a glitch in that game)
  • Article about notable or obscure event that happened about any retro game
  • Article about latest compilation release of retro game or modern games having a retro vibe
  • Video playthrough
  • Video documentary
  • Video Port comparison
  • And… many other elements!

RetroGameUp is also present on Twitter and YouTube. For Twitter, all notifications of new content will appear as well as news around retro gaming). On the YouTube side, playthrough, port comparison, documentary and other kinds of video will be hosted there.

For now, I am the sole editor, content creator and website designer, but a few people and contributors are helping me from time to time and I greatly appreciate those helps! I also take care of the Twitter and YouTube channel. Every YouTube video, unless noted, are created by me as well.

If you have any questions or wish to contribute, you can write to in**@re*********.com in either English or French. However, a proper contact page is in construction.

A quick bio

My name is David, mostly known as Glitcholog online and I am based in Québec, Canada. Although French is my native language, English is chosen for its international scope. This doesn’t exclude a French version of the website, but dues to being only one person, this will slow down content production immensely unless I have backup or have a full-time for the site.

I have a passion for video game, but im not the usual casual gamer. There is games I play like a hardcore gamer, but I enjoy disproving retro games in a technical side and from the reality of the year it was made. I take a look at all retro and vintage game (yes, even games that were made before I even came in this world such as the Atari 2600!).

Use of content from RetroGameUp

The only thing I say about this is the following: Feel free to take some content of an article or video, but make sure to credit RetroGameUp and post a link to the website’s homepage (http://retrogameup.com).  However,  I encourage and appreciate any sharing to social media!

From now on, I would like to thanks you for you visit. I hope you will enjoy your experience at RetroGameUp!