5 Halloween themed playthrough for 2020!

Happy Halloween! To celebrate the day of the dead, Playthrough of Halloween, Halloween themed game or game has an element of that holiday is featured. The first one appears around mid October and the last one just near October 31. A newly started tradition, RetroGameUp will feature a group of retro games meeting these criteria each year around October. We hope you will enjoy all these playthrough!

Castlevania for the NES

Castlevania, the first game of the series released in North America and Europe, is all about whipping your way through Dracula’s underling before facing the Count himself to clear the evil of Transylvania! With the vampire killer whip, Simon will fight against everything deemed evil, suchs bats, zombie, knights and various other foes that will remind you of horror movies!

Watch the playthrough here!

Bram Stoker’s Dracula for the Super NES

Bram Stoker’s Dracula, the second Halloween themed playthrough of 2020! Help Jonathan Harker to escape the Count’s castle with his love Mina and defeat Count Dracula once for all! In this side scrolling action game, you will defend yourself with knife and various weapon against the deads!

Watch the playthrough here!

Night Stalker for the Intellivision

Night Stalker is one of the most well known game that graced the system. In this third Halloween themed playthrough, you help the man, who is trapped inside a cavernous maze with creepy Robot, Spider and bats! Thankfully, you can find a gun in the maze and fight back! As a arcade style game, you must score as much points as possible before getting a Game over.

Watch the playthrough here!

Chakan : The Forever Man for the Game Gear

Chakan : The Forever Man is a dark, nightmarish tale of Chakan, a mystic warrior who challenges Death himself in a fight and won the bid of eternal life. However, Death put his own twisted takes on that deal. In this fourth Halloween themed playthrough, Chakan must get rid of the most evil creatures that have ever graced the mortal world in order to finally rest in peace.

Watch the playthrough here!

A Nightmare on Elm Street for the NES

A Nightmare on Elm Street is a spooky adventure of a group of teenagers who are looking to prevent Freddy to do more victims as he kills them in their nightmares. In the fifth and final Halloween themed playthrough of this year, they are looking to find every bones belonging to him to burn it at the Elm High School… but Freddy will do everything to prevent them by attacking them in his various forms!

Watch the playthrough here!

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