Cage's shadow graphical glitch

A CPU Johnny Cage must be the first character in an endurance match. If you perform Sub-Zero slide just as he is doing his shadow kick, his shadow will have a glitched palette and slide in his idle stance.

Corner jump kick glitch

If well timed, it is possible to hit your opponent without actually touching him or her if you perform a jump kick in the corner. However, the opponent will be pushed on the wrong side. Every character but Liu Kang are able to do that and the move can be done against any character but Shang Tsung. It is possible to do it on both side of the arena, but it seems to be easier to do it on the right side.

Opponent win a round during Raiden's fatality

Performing Raiden’s fatality will cause both player to get a round won if his opponent didn’t win a round yet.

Sub-Zero's fatality glitch

In the Super NES port of Mortal Kombat, Sub-Zero’s Ice Blast deal 1% of damage in addition to freezing. If you perform the move when the opponent is at 1% of health, the Finish him/her prompt will appear, but the character will still be frozen. Performing Sub-Zero fatality right after will cause the opponent to reappear in his or her fighting stance after Sub-Zero shatter the ice.

Scorpion/Sub-Zero infinite throw loop glitch

If Sub-Zero or Scorpion are in the far right corner of the background and throw their opponent, they will fall on the ground in front of them if you hold right on the D-Pad during throw. Doing so, it is possible to perform the throw over and over that cannot be interrupted (not even by the CPU, as shown in the video). Due to collision boxes, this only work against another Sub-Zero or Scorpion. It also work against Reptile, since the three are technically the same base character. The opponent does not need to be frozen or stunned to perform the glitch. This does not work at the left side of the background.

Raiden spelled as Rayden

Raiden is misspelled as Rayden in the Super NES Port of the game. However, while it is an oversight in the first game, later game has been inconsistent with his spelling. It has been spelled either with a “y” or an “i”. Sometime, both spelling are in the same game.

Sonya's voice oversight

In the original arcade version, every character share the same scream when being uppercut into the pit, except Sonya. However, in the Super NES port of the game, she will use the same scream as the males character, which is obviously an oversight and not intended.