Chun-Li and M. Bison (Dictator) portrait

In Street Fighter II : The World Warrior, Chun-Li portrait show her with an orange outfit (when it is blue normally). In M. Bison’s case, the blue part of his outfit as well as his eyes are the same orange. This also applies to their defeated portrait (but in M. Bison case, it is unused since the game and after he is defeated and he can’t be chosen by the player). Later revision of Street Fighter II fixed.

                           Chun-Li's portrait in World Warrior
Chun-Li's portrait in World Warrior

                           M. Bison's portrait in World Warrior
M. Bison's portrait in World Warrior

No KO scream after some throw technique

Defeating the opponent with specific throw technique will prevent them to do their KO screams, as the ground hit sound effect will interrupt it. This also happen in Champion Edition and Hyper Fighting. The following throw will cause this glitch :

  • Guile's suplex and his backbreaker air throw
  • Zangief's regular Piledriver, his Brain Buster (Fierce Punch throw) and his Screw Pile Driver (Command Grab)
  • Vega's suplex

The same effect can happen if you KO your opponent at the same time as it breaks an object in the stage, as the breaking sound will interrupt the KO scream. The following stage has breakable object :

  • Ryu Stage (Signposts)
  • Guile Stage (Crates)
  • Ken Stage (Barrels and boxes)
  • M. Bison Stage (Statues)