Doom (Sega 32X)

Doom was developed by id Software and published by Sega for the Sega 32X in 1994.


Doom is a ground breaking first-person shooter first released for MS-DOS in December 1993. In a one sentence description, you play as a marine that must investigate various bases on Phobos and Deimos before finding himself in hell, aiming to end the demon invasion. At the time of release, it was a revolutionary product that introduced many staples in the first-person shooting genre.

Almost a year later, Doom was ported as a launch title for the Sega 32x by John Carmack, the man behind the engine of the game. Unfortunately, the game had a very tight development time and was rushed for release. While this port is known to be good and very playable, it is also known for its poor music, lack of multiplayer and lack of the entire third episode of the original game. The monster is always facing the player instead of having different rotation. While monster can damage other monsters, it is not possible to see infighting between them because of front sprite being the only one present in this version.

17 maps out of the 27 maps of the original game are present in the game. Every map except E2M8 and the entire episode 3 are present. Because of this, the Cyberdemon and Spider Mastermind aren’t present. Spectre is present without their invisibility, which makes them identical to regular Demon. The secret level of episode 2, known as Fortress of Mystery (E2M9) in the original, is now the final level of the game if the player doesn’t cheat. Military Base (E1M9) is now the only secret level. For all the level present, simplification (especially one episode 2 level) were made dues to the limitation of the platform and are mainly based on the first console port of Doom, the Atari Jaguar.

Dues to simplification made to each level, two levels require the use of a glitch to have 100% kills while it is impossible to do so for the other two.

In the very end of MAP 02 (E1M2), an Imp is stuck below the switch. In the original PC version of this map, the Imp stood below the area, where the exit switch was found. It is still possible to kill it by aiming at a specific spot and shooting over and over. This allows the player to have 100% kills.

In MAP 10 (E2M2), the simplification made to the map accidentally left an orphan sector which contains a secret and monsters. While almost all monsters can be hit through the wall with rocket shot, a single imp is far enough from the wall to not receive damage from the splash damage. This makes 100% kills and 100% secret impossible without additional glitches.

In MAP 14 (E2M5), one of the traps near the three coloured door doesn’t have a trigger anymore dues to the simplification of the map. 6 demon and a baron of hell is in that specific trap at the highest difficulty setting. While four of the demons can be hit with splashes damage through the wall, it is not possible the other monsters, making 100% kill impossible.

Doom Playthrough

The goal of this run is to beat the entire game at the highest difficulty setting without getting hit (unless it is impossible to avoid, such as walking on nukage or lava). In addition, when possible, each level must be completed with 100% kills, 100% items and 100% secrets. The ending when cheats are used is also shown at the very end of the video.

TAS tools were used in this playthrough.

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