Basketball (Atari 2600)

Basketball was developed and published by Atari for the Atari 2600 in 1978.

Game Description

Basketball is one of the earliest games based on the sport released 1978. It is also one of the few early games that feature a computer opponent. It is a one-on-one basketball game that pit the green player against the lavender player. Each game is four minutes long.

The game starts both players at the center of the court. The ball appears in the center and once one of the players catches it, the other will be in defense mode. The player with the ball will always face the net he/she must throw the ball into. The player in defensive has the ability to steal the ball if his/her opponent is in the process to shoot the ball or after the shot attempt.

After each score, the player is brought back in the middle and the ball is thrown in the air again.
Basketball incorporates the basic rule of the sports. The penalty and the timeout are not implemented. The game also lasts for four minutes instead of being 4 quarters.

Basketball feature two variations. The first one is a 2-player mode and the second one is a match against the CPU. The difficulty switch controls the speed of the players.

Basketball Playthrough

The North America version of Basketball is used for this run. The goal of this playthrough is to win a perfect game against the CPU.

TAS tools were used in this playthrough.

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