Double Dragon II : The Revenge (Mega Drive)

Game description

Double Dragon II: The Revenge for the Mega Drive is a sequel to the first game. Like it, it is based on the arcade port of the same name. Unlike the first game, this one was only released in Japan by Pal Soft in 1991.

Like in the arcade, Marian has been gunned down and Billy and Jimmy are out for revenge. They must go into many areas until they end up on Machine Gun Willy’s second hideout and avenge her. Unlike the NES version, where the story is more expanded with a twist, this is the only piece of storylines given in the game.

The Lee brothers start at the Heliport, going through it until they find Burnov, a fat man wearing some kind of welding helmet and having a chain wrapped around his body. He is notable to disappear when defeated, leaving only his clothes. However, later encounter with him will show that he can somehow come back and resume the fight.

After defeating him, the brothers go down the elevator and head to an industrial area that has the same layout as the one in the first game, but is visually different. However, the Mega Drive version had an extra area which effectively makes it different from the Arcade original. At the end, a giant man known as Abor awaits them. Inspired by the Terminator, he will attempt to perform one strong move or kick. He can be thrown in the conveyor belt or defeated the classic way.

After defeating him, the Lee Brothers exist the industrial area to venture through farmlands. There, they will find their old foes, Jeff from the first game, acting as sub-bosses. At the end of the lands, Two Burnov also awaits the brothers. After their defeat, they take the elevator up to a rocky area and fight a group of Abobo before confronting the boss Chin. He fights with two wood sticks and is very fast, defeating him will allow the brother to go through the final stage.

Inside the hideout, the brother will fight most enemies and bosses they saw before until they get to the end section. They fight Machine Gun Willy and up being killed. The brother has now avenged Marian, but before they leave, a mysterious, evil force emerges as doppelganger against the brother. After a lengthy battle, they finally leave and the game and, showing Billy fighting with each of the game bosses (except the doppelganger).

Like the first game, enemies have the same weapon, but some are replaced by different graphics, such as the baseball bat becoming the axe and the bomb becoming the grenade.

Double Dragon II: The Revenge Playthrough

This playthrough use the USA version of Double Dragon II: The Revenge. After the attract mode, a 1-player game is started until the game is beaten. Billy begins with 2 lives and 8 energy cells. The goal is to finish the game without getting hit, with an emphasis of the arsenal of moves he can do. There is no extra life in the game.

TAS tools were used to make this high quality playthrough video.

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