Fighter’s History (Super NES) – Lee

Developper : Data East

Publisher : Data East

Year : 1994

Type : Character playthrough

The Super NES port of Fighter’s History was developed and published by Data East for the North American and Japanese Market in 1994. The original arcade game was developed by Data East and released in 1993.

Lee playthrough

Lee Diendou is the sixth playable character in the game. He is a skilled kung fu fighter from China. He comes from a celebrated martial arts family. After his father was killed by a mysterious warrior, he enters the tournament to restore the tarnished reputation of his family.

Lee is a motion character. He has two special moves. His Zesshou Hou is his rushing punch move that can be followed by the Chosin Kou, elbow strike for a gurantaneed two hit combo.He also have his Senkyuu Tai kick, which act as his anti-air. Compared to the other character, Lee is a rather simple character to use.

Lee is the most difficulty character to master against the CPU. His dashing punch has a startup delay, preventing it to be used in a combo unless you hit the opponent just as the move would finish. However, it is very powerful after a stun if it is followed by the Choshin Kou. His Senkyuu is also an excellent anti-air, but it must hit twice or be used as a combo under to knock the opponent down. His throw has the unique property to slam the opponent toward the wall, far from Lee, allow him to prepare his next sets of moves.

TAS tools were used in this playthrough.

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