Fighter’s History (Super NES) – Mizoguchi

The Super NES port of Fighter’s History was developed and published by Data East for the North American and Japanese Market in 1994. The original arcade game was developed by Data East and released in 1993.

Mizoguchi playthrough

Makoto Mizoguchi is the seventh playable character and is also the secondary protagonist game, who will star in his own game called Fighter’s History: Mizoguchi Kiki Ippatsu!! For the Super Famicom. Mizoguchi is a high-school dropout from Japan who joined the fighting circuit. With the technique his father taught, he is a powerful warrior that eventually end up in the Chinese Mafia. He tries to leave the organization at all cost by going into the tournament, but he is dragged back in every time.

Mizoguchi is a motion character. He has three special moves. His first is his Tiger Bazooka, a slow-moving projectile that look like a tiger. His Koryuu Sai is a powerful rushing elbow strike that can hit three times. Finally, his Ren Zoku Keri is a devastating move. It will hit only once if the command move is done, but will hit multiple time if the player keeps doing the command move again. At the fifth time, Mizoguchi will perform a slamming kick.

Mizoguchi is the second-best character against the CPU. His basic move that ends with the Koryuu Sai deal a lot of the damage. He is one of the two characters that can perform a 100% combo, but only against character that has weak point at the head and body. Doing two basic moves, followed by the Ren Zoku Keri and its multiple strike will guarantee a stun. Doing the combo again will destroy the CPU life bar. The fifth hits don’t connect into the combo, but in most instances, the CPU will try to counter it only to get hit instead. Lee, Jean and Mastorius will take less damage since they won’t get stun, but they will still lose about half of their life bar. Finally, his Tiger Bazooka, like most projectiles in the game, is best used when the opponent is about to get up.

TAS tools were used in this playthrough.

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