Fighter’s History (Super NES) – Mastorius

The Super NES port of Fighter’s History was developed and published by Data East for the North American and Japanese Market in 1994. The original arcade game was developed by Data East and released in 1993.

Mastorius playthrough

Mastorius is the ninth and final playable character in the game. He is a wrestler from Italy (despite the fact that the instruction manual states he is from Hungary). He is a fading pro wrestler who wants to prove that he is still the strongest fighter in the world before retiring. Although it is not known how far he went in the first tournament, he earned fame and popularity for his accomplishments.

Mastorius is a charge character for all his move but his command grab, which is a motion move. He has a wide variety of move that can be used in specific situations. He has his Dash Lariat, which causes him to rush to his opponent. He also has his Moonsault Press to go over his opponent and hit him if he doesn’t move away. His Heel Kick is a stronger, but slower rush technique. His signature move is his Double German, which is the most damaging move in the game and is not affected by the low health damage reduction on throws. He is able to grab his opponent from a short distance as well.

Mastorius is very strong against the CPU. When fighting character with weak point at the head and body level, he can easily stun them with his very fast weak punch, followed by a Dash Lariat. His Double German technique has priority and can catch his opponent even if they are in the middle of a move, as long as they are at the ground level. Combining all this together makes Mastorius a versatile and hard-hitting character. His Moonsault Press and Heel Kick will rarely come in the play dues to their risky nature of being countered right after being blocked.

TAS tools were used in this playthrough.

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