F1-Race (Game Boy)

F-1 Race was developed and published by Nintendo in 1990 worldwide.

Game Description

F1-Race is a Game Boy game released by Nintendo on November 9, 1990 and later on February 3, 1991 in the North American market. It is related to the original F1 Race released for the Famicom in 1984.

Each copy of the game included a four-player Adapter to allow 4 Game Boys to be connected for a multiplayer game. IT is first and one of the very few supporting it.

F-1 Race has three modes: Grand Prix, Time Trial and Multi Game

Grand Prix is the main mode, while Time Trial allows the player to try each race, either with opponent or not and race to the lowest time possible. Multi Game is the multiplayer mode.
In Grand Prix, the player will participate in nine races, all around the world. The player is racing with 9 opponents and its rival, which is always at the first position when the race start.

F-1 Race allows you to choose two types of F-1 car for each race. The Type A has a faster turbo while the Type B has a higher maximum speed when not using the turbo. Depending of the track, one of the two types might be more advantageous than the other.

Once the race start, the player must avoid crashing on the signpost or the other competitor. However, he/she can get extra speed if it stays behind an opponent due to the wind being cut, which can be combined with the turbo to get an even higher maximum speed.

After winning each race, the player’s racer will wave at the crowds. A different Nintendo character will be among the crowds for each race, such as Mario for the first race.

Each race is set in the following country :

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • USA
  • Portugal
  • Japan
  • Brazil
  • USSR
  • India
  • Egypt

Multi Game mode has five extra tracks that are unavailable in Grand Prix or Time Trial mode. They are grouped in the Course Group 3 and thus are only playable in that mode. The five extra track is set in :

  • China.
  • Nepal
  • Hong Kong
  • Hawaii
  • Holland

Unlike the Grand Prix mode, you race against three other players (or CPU if there is no available player). Each race is 3 laps instead of two. Before a race set begin, each racer will be randomly placed in the grid. The CPU is noticeably easier to race against that their counterpart in Grand Prix’s mode.

F-1 Race Playthrough

Using the North American version of the game, the goal is to finish first in every race of the Grand Prix mode. The secondary objective is to show the five extra maps (available only in the Multi Game mode) and win in the first position as well. No glitches were used, but luck manipulation was done to a certain extent in some area of the game.

TAS tools were used in this playthrough.

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