Double Dragon (Sega Genesis)

Game description

Double Dragon for the Sega Genesis is a port of the arcade original made in 1987. Accolade ported the game five years later on the Sega system.

This port follows the arcade version very closely and is considered the most faithful version of the game. The graphics are sightly more detailed, but the voice samples are all missing.

You play as Billy Lee and Jimmy Lee (if it is a 2 players game). These men are highly trained martial artist. One day, Billy witnesses’ thugs kidnapping his beloved girlfriend, Marian. The two vows to save her and go through four missions in order to defeat Machine Gun Willy, who lured them to his hideout.

You start with 2 lives, but you don’t get extra life and there is no continue. However, health is replenished each time you complete a stage.

As previously said, the port closely follows the layout of the arcade game. You first start in the Streets Slum, fighting your way until you find the hulking Abobo. After defeating him, you head toward the industrial area (Mission 2) and the two must fight one of their former students, who now work for Machine Gun Willy. Known as Jeff, he has the same techniques as his teachers, but in this version, he is identical to the Lee Brother, except the colour palette.

The Lee brothers then go down the elevator and exit the industrial area for the forest (Mission 3). They eventually end up in a mountainous area and fight the Green Abobo, who is tougher than his Mission 1 counterpart. He is also guarding the entrance to Machine Gun Willy’s lair.

The final mission is the lair itself. They go through obstacles and attacking statues until they end up in the arena, which is the final area of the game. Fighting a series of thugs, the two will confront Machine Gun Willy. When defeated, the game will end if it is a single player game. If it is a 2 player games, they must fight until one win and save Marian.

Enemy can carry various weapons, such as whip, baseball bat, knife or bombs. The latter two weapons are very powerful. It is also possible to throw the barrel of Mission 1 and the large boulder in Mission 3 against the enemy.

Each time you do lose a life, the game will respawn you at the spot you lose the life. You also get health back after each round.

The delay in the control is one of the main problems of this port, which can make the game more difficult than it should be. But once the player is used, he will be able to go through the end if he knows the game well.

Double Dragon’s Playthrough

The playthrough use the USA version of Double Dragon. The goal is to beat the game without getting hits. Priority was put to defeat every enemy (including those who may flee after a boss is defeated) to gain the highest score possible.

TAS tools were used to make this high quality playthrough video.

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