Mortal Kombat (Sega Genesis) – Goro

The Sega Genesis port of Mortal Kombat was developed by Probe Software and published by Arena Entertainment (in North America and Europe) in 1993 and by Acclaim Japan for the Japanese market in 1994. The original arcade game was developed by Midway and released in 1992.

Sonya playthrough

In the Sega Genesis port of Mortal Kombat, Goro is an unplayable boss. Using cheating device, one can play as him but he plays as if you were controlling a regular character, resulting and glitches and freezes. A hack named Beta-2 July 2017 allow to play as bosses as well as Reptile.

To select Goro, you must select the dragon symbol in the character selection screen.

His move set is very simple. Pressing Low Punch or High Punch will cause him to perform his strong punch that sends his opponent far from him. Pressing Low Kick or High Kick will allow him to throw his projectile, which has the same damage and property has the other projectile, unlike in the original Arcade game. Goro will do his winning pose taunt if you press Back or Down. His uppercut has no delay, meaning he can do it over and over. Finally, simply jumping toward his opponent will activate his stomp move (but it is blocked able).

Goro has two throws: His regular one and his unique Punch and Grab that is done by pressing High Punch when close to the opponent.

He is powerful and broken. He has virtually no delay when doing his punch. His uppercut is also very fast and since he can’t be thrown, his own throw will have top priority. Doing flawless victory is a matter of luck, because Goro can’t avoid them, so he is forced to block them. He will still take damage from all projectile but Sub-Zero’s. The CPU has a tendency to throw a projectile right at the beginning of the match.

In addition, when fighting the CPU Goro, the fight will be very buggy as Goro was never programmed to react to his own move. The punch, uppercut and projectile will work but will cause the other Goro to use the wrong sprite, causing the game to lag. Both throw and the stomp move will freeze the game. It is interesting to note that Goro has a second player palette, which is not present in the original game.

Fighting Shang Tsung is also prone to freeze. Every move but the projectile will cause the game to freeze if Shang Tsung is hit. However, as long as he is morphed to regular character, Goro moves will works without problems.

His Mirror Match battle is against Johnny Cage.

While later revision of the hack gives the bosses an ending and other game fixes, this particular version seems buggy and show a black screen while the music still plays. However, the game will eventually proceed to the credits sequence.

As a side note, the game doesn’t lock Goro and Shang Tsung fight in Goro’s Lair. In a flawless gameplay, Goro will be fought at the Pit and Shang Tsung will be fought at the Throne Room.

TAS tools were used in this playthrough.

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