Pat Riley Basketball (Sega Genesis)

Game description

Pat Riley Basketball is a basketball game made in August 1990 for the Sega Genesis. In Japan and Europe, it is known as Super Real Basketball.

The North America release of the game is officially endorsed by Pat Riley. This was common in sports game in the 90s, as featuring real athletes as part of the marketing could greatly increase sales of the said game.

Patrick James Rilet (1945- ) Is an American professional basketball executive. He started as a player in the NBA , being on various teams towards his career (San Diego Rockets, Portland Trail Blazers Dallas Cowboys, Los Angeles Lakers and Phoenix Suns).

He later become a head coach for The Los Angeles Lakers, New York Knicks and Miami Heats. During the game development, he was named NBA Coach of the Year during his tenure with the Los Angeles Lakers in 1990.

The same years, he endorses Sega’s Real Basketball for the North American market and the game was renamed Pat Riley’s Slammin’ and Jammin’ Basketball before having the final name of Pat Riley Basketball. His likeness appears on the box as well as the instruction manual. Ingame, he is only seen and mentioned on the title screen.

This is a simulation of basketball that is viewed sideways. As the game doesn’t have a NBA licence, no official teams or player are present. You can adjust the game times and the general speed of the game. You can also turn off the music during the game.

In all mode, you can play a single game or a tournament featuring the 8 teams available.

The teams are :

  • La Hoops
  • Detroit Jets
  • Boston Bashers
  • Y. Busters
  • Dallas Wings
  • Seattle Bears
  • Denvers Jammers
  • Houstin Rebels

Each team feature a set of 5 players with their own stats.

These four stats are the following :

  • SPD (Speed): Movement speed of the player
  • SHT (Shoot): Precision of the player’s shot
  • PAS (Pass): Passing’s skill
  • DEF (Defence): Defence capability of the player. A higher stat allows the players to have more chance to steal or block the ball.

There are also three individual statistics attributed to each player. The number of points scored, the number shot (and pass) performed and the number of fouls he has committed.

You can place them into a specific spot on the basketball field to take advantage of their stats. It is also possible to change their position during the game. The five possible position is Left Forward, Left Guard, Centre, Right Guard and Right Forward.

After 2 quarters, a half-time featuring cheerleader is shown.

Many move can be done in the game, just like the real sports. You can shoot, dunk and pass your ball to your teammate. You can also block the opponents’ attempt to do a dunk as well as throw the ball far from you without aiming at someone in particular. Lastly, it is possible to steal the opponent’s basketball, but you have to do it at the right time to avoid a foul.

You can choose between 2 defence formation. The first one is causing your players to focus on each player of the other team. The second formation is more defence : the players adjust themselves and guard a specific area of the court in an attempt to block the player of the other team currently passing the ball.

Pat Riley Basketball playthrough

The playthrough use the USA version of Pat Riley Basketball. The goal of the game is to show the tournament mode of the game, where each team compete again its each other. All team is controlled by the CPU.

In tournament mode, you can’t adjust the game length. Both CPU show everything you can do in the game, including special cutscene for certain hoops and penality.

At the end of the tournament, the summary is shown for each game played and the game return to the title screen.

On average, one game takes about 25 minutes, including the half-time show.

No cheat were used in this run.

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