Street Fighter II’: Special Champion Edition (Sega Genesis) – CE Vega

Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition was developed and published by Capcom for the Sega Genesis in 1993. It was released in Japan, North America and Europe. It is known as Street Fighter II’ Plus: Champion Edition in the Japanese market.

CE Vega playthrough

Vega (Known as Balrog in Japan) is the second boss the player face in the game. Vega introduced the concept of highly acrobatic and high flyer character that is very fast but with a weak defence. He is also the only character of the game fighting with a weapon (his claw), which allow him to hit from far.

While in World Warrior is an unplayable boss, he is now playable on Champion Edition and all the following editions.

Vega is a charge character. He has the ability to do his Rolling Crystal Flash, which consists of rolling on himself a few times, finishing with a strike. He also has his Flying Barcelona Attack, which consists of flying toward the edge of the screen. The player can choose which side Vega will push against the wall. However, if performed on his own stage, he will climb at the cage without being controllable until he jumps out. He also has the option to end the move with two different techniques: Either his Stardust Drop claw attack, or his Izuna Drop throw. Lastly, Vega is the only character that can perform a backflip, making him invulnerable to any move during the animation, but venerable as soon as he finishes it.

In WW, Vega was overly broken. His air move has absolute priority and his claw strike of any strength are strong and fast. In order to make him playable, some adjustment was required. The most obvious one is his Flying Barcelona move. Since his move originally involved the cage in his background, the move was modified when he is in any other stage of the game. Being faster, he will imply jump to the edge of the screen chosen by the player and immediately perform the second part of the move (either the claw or throw technique). He also performs more roll before hitting with his claw in his Strong and Fierce variant of the Rolling Crystal Flash.

Outside of these, all of his move, except his fierce punches deal much less damage than his WW version. However, his supplies throw deal more damage and has more priority.

If Vega gets hits or block too many hits, his claw will fly out. When this happens, he can do the same moves as before, but has reduced range. He will lose his claw for the remainder of the round, but will get it back on the next round. He is the only character with that feature.

In Hyper Fighting, losing his claw will also reduce all his regular punches moves damage by about 50%. This is the only noticeable difference between CE Vega and HF Vega.

Against the CPU, Vega can fair well. His throw is powerful, and his Izuna Drop move after the Flying Barcelona technique is better, since it is unlockable. He still has high air priority and will be able to hit his opponent who tries to perform their air move. His high speed allows the player to place Vega to a specific spot to counter most move without much trouble. Finally, his Rolling Crystal Flash is excellent to remove chips of health and defeat an opponent who constantly block.

TAS tools were used in this playthrough.

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