Street Fighter II’: Special Champion Edition (Sega Genesis) – CE M. Bison

Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition was developed and published by Capcom for the Sega Genesis in 1993. It was released in Japan, North America and Europe. It is known as Street Fighter II’ Plus: Champion Edition in the Japanese market.

CE M. Bison playthrough

M. Bison (Known as Vega in Japan) is the final opponent for the game. He is again unplayable in Street Fighter II: The World Warrior. M. Bison represent the dictator type of character, who is typically the final opponent that must be defeated in order to save the world from world domination. While in World Warrior is an unplayable boss, he is now playable on Champion Edition and all the following editions.

M. Bison is a charge character. His iconic Psycho Crusher is his main arsenal. If blocked, it might chip a few times sliding his opponent on the screen with a possibility to throw. His Scissor Kick technique hit two times and his Head Stomp is good to quickly approach a crouched opponent.

M. Bison was obviously nerved to make him fairer in battle. All his regular move now has the strength of the proper punch and kick. He will execute his Psycho Crusher immediately, but it can be countered at the moment he performs it and at the end of it. His Scissor kick requires more time to charge than any other charge move. It is possible to perform inescapable blocking loops, but it is very hard to perform in this revision.

He has some advantage against the CPU, but he is better at hitting his opponent at the right time. Combo is risky to do and the CPU seems to know when to counter it, even if it is almost impossible to do so. M. Bison is fast and has great air priority and cross-up possibilities. His fierce standing kicks and his Psycho Crusher are his main move.

As a side note, a player-controlled M. Bison will not perform his unique intro, where he is holding a cape and throw it away before the beginning of the fight.

TAS tools were used in this playthrough.

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