Street Fighter II’: Special Champion Edition (Sega Genesis) – HF E. Honda

Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition was developed and published by Capcom for the Sega Genesis in 1993. It was released in Japan, North America and Europe. It is known as Street Fighter II’ Plus: Champion Edition in the Japanese market.

HF E. Honda playthrough

E. Honda, despite being less popular than the shotos or Chun-Li, is one of best-known Sumo wrestlers in video game history, especially in the west.

E. Honda is mostly a charge character, which requires him to either hold back or down for a time before pressing forward or up with the kick or punch, depending on the special move. He also has one special move that requires to repeatedly press any of the punch buttons. He fights using a variety of Sumo techniques (but later in the game franchise, some character notices how some of his move might violate the sports itself). One of his techniques is his Flying Headbutt, where he launches himself and hit his opponent like a missile. He also has his Hundred Hand Slap technique, which consists of launch palm strike extremely fast.

In Hyper fighting, E. Honda gets his Sumo Butt Drop move, which can be spammed and will always dizzy if hit twice during the fierce variation.

E. Honda has many arsenals against the CPU. His standing fierce punch is a formidable anti-air, but won’t work against all character (Vega jump kick can counter this). His Hundred Slap technique is even more useful to chip the life bar of his opponent, especially if he is near KO. His flying headbutt, now tweaked, work well against most character, especially as a close anti-air. His crouching and standing medium kick are two hit combos that can sometime dizzy by themselves. Finally, his flying Sumo Press (performed in the air by pressing Down and medium Punch at the same time and is his main move that allows him to cross-up. At the highest difficulty, his throw is quite useful, but the Bear Hug will be useless, since the CPU will often break free before a hit is even done.

In Hyper Fighting, his Sumo Butt Drop will evade most projectile and will push his opponent away, allowing him to approach his them more easily.

E. Honda can perform small, but highly damaging combo but he can’t re-dizzy or does 100% damage anymore. Unlike the shotos, they are much harder to perform and require precise timing. His most powerful one is the following:

  • Standing medium kick followed by Hundred Hand Slap
  • Cross-up Sumo Press, standing medium kick followed by Hundred Hand Slap for chip damage

As a side note, a CPU E. Honda, especially at the highest difficulty, will sometime perform a Bear Hug that is almost impossible to escape. If successful, the player will often lose more than 80% of its health.

As a second side note, E. Honda can clear the two bonuses extremely fast by only using his Hundred Hand Slap technique.

TAS tools were used in this playthrough.

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