Street Fighter II’ : Special Champion Edition (Sega Genesis)

Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition was developed and published by Capcom for the Sega Genesis in 1993. It was released in Japan, North America and Europe. It is known as Street Fighter II’ Plus: Champion Edition in the Japanese market.

Game description

Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition is a port of the Super NES Street Fighter II: Turbo on the Sega Genesis. It was released in 1993 and was also rereleased on the Wii Virtual Console and the Sega Genesis Mini

Street Fighter: Special Champion Edition is the equivalent of both Street Fighter II: Champion Edition and Hyper Fighting from the arcade.

During the time it was released, the storyline wasn’t as complete as what is described in later game of the series about the second tournament. According to the instruction manual, twelve fighters from across the globe have come together to see who is the strongest fighter in the world. Ingame, more information about their motivation is given, such as E. Honda promoting Sumo or Chun-Li seeking revenge to M. Bison (Dictator) for the death of her father.

In later game, it is explained that M. Bison organized the second tournament in order to lure and dispose of any strong fighter that would oppose his Shadoloo organization, but fail to do so. In the official storyline, Street Fighter II is preceded by Street Fighter and the Street Fighter Alpha series and his followed by Street Fighter IV.

As previously said, the game contains two modes: Champion Edition and Hyper Fighting. These modes are actually the second and third revision of Street Fighter II: World Warrior, featuring many tweaking and the ability to play as bosses (albeit nerved). Hyper Fighting play faster and feature new move for the character, which Champion doesn’t have.

Each character, excluding Ken and Ryu, have unique move and special moveset which represent their fighting style. A wrestler like the Russian Zangief would be more specialized in throw and close quarter fighting while a character like guile plays mostly defensive, shooting his projectile and keeping opponent at bay.

Once the player has chosen his character, they will go through the world, challenging each character (including a mirror match of its own character). Then, Balrog (Boxer), Vega (Claw), Sagat are the following opponent in that order. The final opponent is always M. Bison, and beating him will end the game and show the ending of the chosen character. Then, if beat at the highest difficulty, a special credit sequence will play. In between fight, there is three bonus rounds. The car breaking round, the Brick breaking round and the rolling barrel. The second bonus stage didn’t exist in the arcade, and was taken from the Super NES port of the original Street Fighter II: The World Warrior.

Compared to the arcade, the Sega Genesis version of both revisions handle the game very well, but many simplifications had to be made in order to fit everything in the cartridge. Character appears smaller and simpler; many animations is missing and one of the bonus rounds is missing. The music and voice sample quality are also poorer. Besides that, the game play very well and most combo and move you would perform in the arcade will work in this game, with a little timing difference.

Street Fighter II': Special Champion Edition playthrough

This playthrough use the USA version of Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition. The goal is to beat the game with each character without getting hit at the highest difficulty setting. It is done twice, in order to play games in Champion Mode and in Hyper Fighting Mode. Intro and Ending of each character are shown.

TAS tools were used in this playthrough.

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