Slap Shot Super Pro Hockey (Intellivision)

Game description

Slap Shot Super Pro Hockey is an Intellivision game developed by Realtime Associates and published by INTV in 1987. It was only released in the North American market, with no equivalent in Europe. It is an update to Mattel’s NHL Hockey made in 1980. However, the game is not endorsed by NHL or any player association.

The game is part of a group of release made by INTV after they acquired Mattel Intellivision rights. Unreleased game by Mattel were revised and release as new games. INTV also created a sports lineup, with the intention to update those of Mattel with new features, computer opponent and more realistic experience overall.

The major change in Slap Shot Super Pro Hockey from the original NHL Hockey is the ability to play against the Computer with 4 skills setting (NHL Hockey was a 2 players only game). It is also possible to watch 2 CPU play against each other.

At the configuration screen, you can select which kind of player is on the Home Team and the Visitor Team. Then, you can adjust handicap on either side. However, there is no actual team selection, only side.

After this configuration, you start the game. The Home Team is on the left and the Visitor Team is on the right. They are also identified by their colour: tan for the former and blue for the later.

In the rink, there are 4 players for each team. One of them is the goalie, who cannot be controlled at all. Like most hockey game of its time and the one that follow it, you control one player at a time, and you try to do pass or score at the opposing team’s goal.

Initially, the player skates slowly, but as you hold the direction you want him to go, he will go faster and faster until the maximum speed.

When on offence, the player can only control the player currently having the puck. However, in defence mode, you can switch to any player, but the game will try to choose the one that is closest to the opposing player having the puck.

On defense, it is possible to intercept a pass by going in front of the puck before the opponent’s teammate catch it. It is also possible to steal the puck if you manage to swing your stick as you touch the puck controlled by your opponent.

Passing is done using the numbered button on the Intellivision controller. Depending on which button, it will send the puck to that direction, not directly toward a teammate like modern hockey games. It is also possible to perform a Slap Shot, a stronger hit that is intended near the goal.

It is possible to trip a player if he has the puck. If it is not the case, such as tripping a player that does not have the puck, the referee might whistle and send that player to the penalty box for 2 minutes. During that time, it is impossible to perform other penalties until there is room for the penalty box.

If a team with all his player score against the other team with one of the players in the penalty box, he will be back on the rink at face-off.

Slap Shot Super Pro Hockey playthrough

The playthrough on the only version of Slap Shot Super Pro Hockey, the USA version released in North America. The goal is to show an entire game of hockey (which consist of the three periods and the final score).

The 2 players are CPU and are set at the highest difficulty. Then, they play a hockey game against each other. Period is 20 minutes long.

No cheats are used in this run. TASing tools were used to offer a high quality playthrough.

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