Mortal Kombat 3 (Playstation) – Noob Saibot

The PlayStation port of Mortal Kombat 3 was developed by Midway Manufacturing Company and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the North American, European and Japanese market in 1995.

Noob Saibot Playthrough

Game shark code: 801CD2C4 0011 (ID 11 is Noob Saibot). It must be activated after selecting a character, else the game will freeze.

Noob Saibot is the only unplayable hidden character of the game (Unlike Smoke, who is a hidden but playable character). In Mortal Kombat 3, he is completely black palette swap of Kano, since there is no ninja character like the past two games. Presumably, Kano was chosen because his silhouette makes him look like a ninja. He is only seen if the Kombat Kode “769-342” is entered during a versus game. Whoever player wins the first round will fight Noob Saibot.

As a CPU, Noob’s regular move are the same as Kano. He is also able to perform his combo. However, he has no special move and no fatality. He also walks faster (almost as regular character running).

In Mortal Kombat 3, Noob Saibot was never intended to be a playable character. In the PlayStation version, a GameShark or another cheating device are required. He occupies ID 11 and is the last valid character.

As said previously, since he was not intended to be playable, some glitch will occur when playing as him.

His character portrait is displayed as a red rectangle with the word “Warrior” printed on the top.

As soon as the round start, Noob Saibot can walk forward or perform forward jump/jump punch/jump kick. However, after this, pressing the right button on the d-pad on any circumstance will freeze the game. This mean that Noob cannot walk forward if he is on the left side and cannot walk backward if he is on the right. Here a summary of what he can do to avoid game freezing:

Left side

  • Backward jump
  • Backward jump kick and punch
  • Sweep
  • Roundhouse kick

Both side

  • Neutral jump
  • Neutral jump kick and punch
  • Crouched punch and both kick
  • Uppercut
  • Standing Low and High punch
  • Standing Low kick and High kick
  • Block and Run
  • His launch combo

Right side

  • Forward jump
  • Forward jump kick and punch
  • Throw

Pressing the high kick is highly problematic. Any High Kick move will work (Standing, jump high kick and roundhouse) but the game will freeze right after if the player doesn’t hold the button for the remainder of the round. It can be released when either player win the round. Since his kick combo will not work unless you release high kick, it cannot be done.

When he wins a round, the announcer will call Kabal’s name, instead of the “Feel the power of TOASTY!” from the arcade. This is the same when fighting the CPU, which is an oversight.

It is possible to finish the game with him with considerations mentioned above. His ending is glitched and only show a few tiles of background over a black screen, but it doesn’t crash or freeze the game, allowing the run to go to the end like the playable character.

TAS tools were used in this playthrough.

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