Mortal Kombat II (Sega Genesis) – Smoke

The Sega Genesis port of Mortal Kombat II was developed by Probe Software and published by Acclaim Entertainment (in North America and Europe) and by Acclaim Japan for the Japanese market in 1994. The original arcade game was developed by Midway and released in 1993.

Smoke playthrough

In Mortal Kombat II, Smoke is one of the three unplayable secret characters. He doesn’t have any storyline and can be only fought under specific conditions. She will also hide from time to time in the Living Forest stage with Smoke and appear during the match with a clue, like Reptile in game.

He was again a secret character in Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, but he had his own storyline.

To fight Smoke, a single player game has to be started. At the Portal Stage, the player or the opponent has to perform an uppercut against the other. When hit, Dan Forden might appear on the right, shouting “TOASTY!” During that time, the player has to press Up + Start, interrupting the fight and transporting the player in a bluish version of the Portal Stage against smoke. He can also easily be fought using the cheat menu.

Smoke has many elements unique to him. He is a palette swap of Reptile, but will use Sub-Zero walking animation when going away from the opponent. He also has permanent smoke puff around him. He has more health than the regular character and walk faster. Unlike its counterpart, Smokes has two special moves. His first one being the same as Scorpion’s spear. The second one will cause him to walk toward the player at blazing speed and throw him. It is impossible to counter but can be evaded by jumping away.

There is no way to play as Smoke in Mortal Kombat II without external tools. However, it is possible to edit the following address in a hex editor to play as him.

  • FFAB86:000E (0xFFAB86) for player 1
  • FFAB88:000E (0xFFAB88) for player 2

Pressing Low Kick and not holding it for the remainder of the match or pressing back + high punch will freeze the game, a trait he shares with the two other secret character. Pressing a diagonal direction will cause him to do a glitched version of Scorpion spears that doesn’t hit. This cause Smoke to disappear for the reminder of the round. His super-fast throw as well as the spear technique can’t be done under player control. He doesn’t have smokes coming out of him either, only the CPU has this.

Smoke doesn’t have any finishing move and can’t perform the universal Dead Pool fatality because he is treated as a boss character, which means that the Finish Him/her prompt will never appear. Instead, “Now you must return to Outworld,” appear and the game proceeds to the next fight normally.

Because of the lack of special move and the low kick freeze, beating the game with Smoke is not an easy task. Noob had to use his basic move at the right time and take advantage of his faster speed to outrun the screen and jump kick. Like the other ninja character, his roundhouse kick will be very useful.

As a side note, the game will softlock as soon as the screen darkens to show the ending text, dues to the fact that Smoke doesn’t have an ending in Mortal Kombat II. Thus, it is not possible to see the credit roll or return on the main menu.

TAS tools were used in this playthrough.

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