Mortal Kombat II (Playstation) – Baraka

Developper : Probe Software

Publisher : Acclaim Japan

Year : 1996

Type : Character playthrough

Baraka playthrough

Baraka is a Tarkata, a group of nomad humanoids that resides in Outworld. He is said to be their leader when they were part of Shao Kahn’s army at one point.

Baraka can fight unarmed or with his blade that comes out of his arm. His three special moves and his fatality make use of theses blade. He can crate a spark with them, acting as a projectile. He also has his Blade Fury move which consists of quickly moving his blade up and down, causing massive damage. Lastly, he can do a quick swipe with them. Outside of the blade, he has unique close move which consists to knee and then kick his opponent, causing them to lightly launch in the air, but allowing Baraka to use third move.

Like Kitana, Baraka can take advantage of the slower engine of the PlayStation and Sega Saturn version of the game. While he can’t do as much combo as her, he can do the same swipe infinite in the corner if timed properly. He can also connect is jump kick with his Blade Fury and easily lure the CPU toward it if he performs it close to them. Baraka also have unique animation for his Jump Kick and Punch, the former having more priority than the equivalent move of the other character.

TAS tools were used to make this high quality playthrough video.

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