Quake (Nintendo 64)

Quake was developed by id Software and published by Midway Games for the American and European market in 1998. It is a port of the original game, which was developed and published by id Software in 1996 for DOS.

Important note

This playthrough is segmented dues to the unreliable nature of the emulator. Each level was done using the password that was provided by the level that was completed before (except MAP 1). In addition, many tweaks had to be done dues to emulation inaccuracy when it comes to emulating Quake.

  • Loading was speedup to 300% to match as much as possible the loading time on a real Nintendo 64. The loading transition in MAP 24 was also speedup to match.
  • When the game loads, the text that was present before will flash along with the loading. This doesn’t happen on a real Nintendo 64 and was fixed with video editing.
  • When underwater, there are a few graphical glitches on each side of the screen. Slime and Lava have the same problem.

Game description

Quake is a port of the original best-selling DOS game released on March 24, 1998. It was one of the two console ports of the game, along with the Saturn version.

Playing as an unnamed protagonist (who is commonly known as Ranger since his appearance in Quake III Arena), the player must stop an ancient being code-named Quake. With high advancement in teleportation technology, the slipgate was invented for easy transportation around are that are very far from each other. However, Quake herself sensed the teleport technology and managed to get a hold of it in order to send her minions. This also Ranger to get into the dimension where the monster came off, ending in old looking, sinister area.

There is four dimensions in the game: Dimension of the Doomed, The Realm of Black Magic, The Netherworld and the Elderworld. Venturing in these realms, Ranger will get hold of four runes that will open the lair of Quake.

Quake is a faithful port of the original DOS game. It is the first fully 3D person shooter that expanded on Doom in many ways. Ranger can look everywhere he wants and can also swim through water or other liquid (with the appropriate protection) while he ventures in the realm. While he starts with the weak shotgun, he will have access to powerful weaponry such as the grenade launcher, the super nail gun and the thunderbolt during his venture in the realms. There is also power up that will help him along the way.

Unlike the original game, Quake doesn’t have an introduction level. Every setup made in that level is done in the menu instead. Each level is required to be completed in one shot in order to save progress (either with the Controller Pak or with a password). The four episodes are also played on a single set instead of sending the player back to the introduction level. On the Nintendo 64 port, the player can know when he/she is in the next episode when a level featuring a rune is completed, as the player will start back with a shotgun and an axe.

Dues to spaces constraint, some level from the original game are missing. Adjustments were made on the other level to make it like this level never existed in the first place. All four secrets level are available, however.

Quake also feature a multiplayer mode, but it only offers death match. One of the levels featured is exclusive to the port.

Quake playthrough

The run uses the USA version of Quake 64. The goal is to beat the game at the highest difficulty and finding every secret and Easter eggs.

Dues to the way Quake is designed, the player will be forced to take damage in many circumstances. The vast majority of these are falling damage, but a two case requires the player to go through slime without protection to find a secret.

Under the Pentagram of Protection, the player is invincible, but will still lose armour if damage is taken. Dues to the great advantage of this Powerup, getting hit to save time is a priority to avoid losing armour. There is one instance were going into the lava with the power-up is required, destroying every armour the player had.

In every other circumstance, the objective is not taking damage from the enemy, traps or hazards.

TAS tools were used in this playthrough.

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