10-Yard Fight (NES)

Game Description

10-Yard Fight was part of the 17 launch titles games in North America. It was released on October 18, 1985, several months after the Japanese release on the Famicom. It is based on the arcade game of the same name released by Irem in 1983. An MSX port was also developed in 1986.

The arcade original is the first American Football video game developed by a company outside of the United States (in this case, Irem, which is a Japanese company).

10-Yard Fight is notable to be the only game in the launch title of the NES to be different from the Japanese release. While the former stay closes to the arcade original, the North American and European release was tweaked to be closer to a simulation of the sports.

10-Yard fight offer five difficulty levels and the possibility to play against a second player. The five difficulties are based on the different professional level of the sport: High School, College, Professional, Playoff and Super Bowl. Once the game start, player 1 will always start in defense.

10-Yard fight offer a basic simulation of the game. Just like the real sport, you need to run with the football to the opponent side until you get to the end of it, earning a touchdown or until tackled. With this in mind, the player who scored a touchdown also has an opportunity to kick the ball into the goalpost for an extra point.

First down are implemented, and allow the offensive side to play as much as three down to do at least 10 yards. At the fourth down, they are required to kick the ball.

The offence initially controls three players in tandem. The player in the middle can either throw the football to the left or the right. He also has the ability to throw it as a designated receiver. However, the defense can try to catch it, causing an interception if successful.

There are four ways to score in the game

  • Touchdown, which gives 6 points
  • Field Goal, which gives 3 points if you successfully kick the ball at the goalpost during a fourth down
  • Try for a point, which is the extra point awarded after the touchdown if you successfully kick the ball in the goalpost
  • Safety, which gives 2 points if the ball carrier is tackled in his own zone. In 10-yard fight, it is very being to witness unless intentionally done

Each game has two quarter of 30 minutes (about 10 minutes real time).

10-Yard Fight Playthrough

The playthrough use the North American version of 10-Yard Fight. The goal is to win against each difficulty level by having a score of at least 49 points at the end of the match. After the Super Bowl opponent, the game will loop over and over against the same opponent until the player loses, as the original arcade and Famicom version are scoring based instead of being more traditional American Football game.

TAS tools were used in this playthrough.

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