Bump ‘n Jump for the (NES)

Game description

Bump ‘n’ Jump is an overhead vehicular combat game by Data East, first released in 1982 in the Arcade. It was then ported to the Atari 2600, Intellivision, Sharp X1 and the ColecoVision. A later, and more expanded version, was released for the NES in 1988.

According to the instruction manual, you are enjoying a drive with your girlfriend in your car named Popper. Suddenly, you get attacked by the Jackals, a group of ruthless people trying to bring you off the road. During the fight, their big off-road vehicle managed to get close enough to snag your girlfriend! You must now fight through the street to get her back!

Your main method of defence is to use your car to bump the Jackals off the road, it is also equipped by a high jump device, allow you to stay in the air for a few second and stomping them.

The NES Port is expended upon the previous port by including a basic plot and many different levels, along with a final boss opponent and an ending. Despite that, it still plays like an arcade game, in the sense that the primary goal is to have the highest score possible. The game will play endlessly until you lose all your life.

You will race through the city, country yards, mountains and seaside. Each of them counts as a district, with a total of 16 unique course. You will fight against various vehicles and jump high in the air to go over water or walls. For the latter, the game will alert you with a big exclamation mark box and an alarm sound that go with.

Beside the Jackals, other cars might go in your way. Patrol cars will go from time to time, making sure you are not going too fast, else they will try to bump you as well! The player needs to watch out for ambulance as well. Heavier vehicles, such as trucks, cement mixer and fuel trucks will drop sand, oil or concrete to stop you. The heaviest one, which is the Bulldozer, will do its best to block you.

Each level, except the final one, will require the player to jump over a last set of walls or water and land as close as possible of the woman graffiti holding a flag, without actually be over it.

Bump 'n Jump playthrough

This run is done on the USA version of the game. There are two goals in the run: Beat one loop and have the maximum possible score before the game over. In a near-perfect run, it can be done at the very end of the first loop. Emphasis was put to always get the bonus score at the end of the level and smacking car that is close to the player.

TAS tools were used to make this high quality playthrough video.

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