Double Dragon II : The Revenge (NES)

Game description

Double Dragon II : The Revenge for the NES is a sequel to the first game. Like it, it is based on the arcade port of the same name but feature very different level design and some unique character.

Like in the arcade, Marian has been gunned down (but it is not shown in the NES port) and Billy and Jimmy are out for revenge. However, a nuclear war has ravaged the city, giving a lot of space for criminal organization to forms. They took the Double Dragon Dojo has a target and defeated all its member. After all this, the twin is ready to take on anybody and turn the page over the events. Cutscene appear after every level, giving vague idea of what is going on in the storyline.

Unlike the first game, it is possible to play a 2-player game at the same time. You can also choose to turn off friendly fire or keep it on for extra challenge. Double Dragon II offer three difficulty: Practice, Warrior and Supreme Master. Enemy has sightly less health and move slower depend on the selection.

Another notable difference is that in Practice, the game end after the third level. In Warrior, it ends before the final level. In Supreme Master, you get the whole storyline and true ending.

The control scheme is the same as the arcade version, but different from the first game. If you face left, pressing the B button will punch and pressing the A button will perform a back kick. This is the opposite if you switch side. You can also perform jump kicks.

Some Black Warriors will fight with weapon, such as knife, chain whip or hand grenade. You can disarm them and use them to your advantage.

You also have access to all move in the game right at the beginning. Beside the basic move, you have access to grabs and three secret technique: The Spinning Cyclone, Hyper Uppercut and the High Jump Kick.

While the arcade version has 4 mission, the NES version has 9 short mission. You first start on the street, and you slowly head toward the Black Warrior base by going through a heliport and taking the plane there. Then, you end up in their various location before confronting the big boss himself.

There is much more emphasis on platforming section than the arcade original, requiring the player to be precise in his jumps.

Most enemy from the arcade game returns, but some were introduced in the game

  • A character named “Right-Arm”, which is the strongest non-boss enemy of the game
  • The Ninja characters, who are superfast opponent that use a variety of ninja techniques

Billy and Jimmy are very durable, taking many hits before losing a life. However, any fall that lead out of bound will immediately cost a life.

Double Dragon II : The Revenge playthrough

This playthrough use the USA version of Double Dragon II: The Revenge. The title screen theme is played in its entirely before the game is started at the Supreme Warrior difficulty in 1P mode. Since Jimmy is in identical to Billy in every aspect except the red palette, he is not shown in the playthrough.

Billy begin with 3 lives and 8 energy cells. The goal is to finish the game without getting hit, with an emphasis of the arsenal of moves he can do. There is no extra life in the game.

The High Jump Kick technique is the most damaging single move of the game and is used against boss to defeat them much faster. Throwing the enemy into bottomless pit is also a preferred method when possible.

No cheats or glitches were used. TAS tools were used to produce a high quality playthrough.

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