Exerion (NES)

Exerion was developed and published by Jaleco for the Famicom (Japanese Nintendo Entertainment System) in 1985. It is based on the 1983 arcade game of the same name published by Jaleco in Japan, published by Taito in North America and published by Electrocoin in Europe.

Game description

Exerion is a single screen shoot ’em up developed by Jaleco. Its main innovation in the arcade original was the use of parallax effects and smooth physics movements (also known as inertia simulation). In 1985, it was ported to the Famicom in Japan. This particular version isn’t available outside Japan.

As a vertical shooter, you control the Fighter EX, a spaceship with inertia movement and two weapons. The first one is a straight double missile while the second one is an automatic, rapid-fire shoot. While you can shoot indefinitely the straight double missile, the second weapon has limited charges. Destroying any enemy will give one charge back for this weapon.

The game doesn’t feature any kind of storyline, focusing on the arcade and high score aspect of the game.

Fighter EX will fight against many kinds of alien such as amoeba, extraterrestrial bird that throw egg and ancient creatures like pterosaurs creatures. Later, UFO will appear and are more aggressive. Each creature has their own patterns and way of attacking.

Each stage has a different background. Only one or two types of creatures appear per stages, along with a bonus one that award point if hits. After completing each different stage, the player enters a bonus stage where the goal is to destroy every enemy without missing shots.

After the bonus stage, the game brings the player back to the first stage with increasing difficulty, and the same pattern repeat until Fighter EX is defeated.

Exerion Playthrough

Using the only known version of the game (Japanese Famicom), the goal is getting the maximum number of points before the score overflows without getting hit. In Exerion, the max score before overflowing is 999999.

TAS tools were used in this playthrough.

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