Mario Bros. (NES)

Game description

Mario Bros. is a platform game that was first published for the Famicom, the Japanese Nintendo Entertainment system before being released in 1986 for the North America market. It is based on the arcade game of the same name, release in 1983.

You play as Mario, who must clear a wave of critters who took over the sewers and kick them out of here. To be able to do that, he must jump underneath them to flip them over. Then, he is able to kick them in the water below.

In a 2 players game, the second players play as Luigi, but both character have the same ability. The interesting thing in the original Mario Bros. is that both player can either cooperate to defeat the pests or cause troubles to each other.

The third Mario game, if Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr. is counted, It is notable for being the earliest to features many important element that became the staple of the series:

  • Luigi, played by the second player
  • Red and green fireball
  • The concept to collect coins for points
  • The Koopa referred to Shellcreeper
  • The POW Square, later seen in Super Mario Bros. 2

The NES version of Mario Bros. Was released on the Virtual Console service in North America, Australia, Europe and Japan. The Wii, Nintendo 3DS and Wii U offered the game in their respective Virtual Console It is also released on the Nintendo Switch Online service in 2018.

Beside these, it was part of the Famicom Mini series for the Game Boy Advance. However, it was not part of the NES Classic series in North America or in Europe. When the NES Classic Console and its Japan equivalent was released, it was one of the 30 games included.

An e-Reader card containing Mario Bros. For the NES was also released for the Game Boy Advance.

Lastly, a very obscure version of Mario Bros. For the NES was unlocked in Animal Crossing if you had the Animal Crossing Series 4 e-Reader Card and you scanned that card while the Game Boy Advance is linked to the Game Cube. This card was only released in North-America.

Mario Bros. playthrough

This play through use the USA version of Mario Bros. And the “1 player – Mode B” mode was chosen for this run. This mode causes the game to be more difficult right at the beginning. The goal is to score the maximum possible points before an overflow occurs.

In the case of Mario Bros. It happens at 999 990 points. Because of the how the scoring system works, it is impossible to get over 999 990 points without an overflow, bringing the score back to 0.

The game’s difficulty gradually gets harder and harder. In Mode A, the difficulty is capped after Phase 28. In Mode B, it happens after Phase 13. Then, the same level pattern repeats, featuring the bonus game with an ice floor.

The game starts you with 2 extra life. There is an extra life at 20 000 points, but this is the only one you can have until it is game over in a normal session. However, if you overflow the score, you will be able to get an extra life at 20 000 points.

POW were generally used in the first round they respawn when three or more enemy is on the screen. If there is SideStepper, they were knocked once to be in their second state, allowing them to be upside down after activating it. It is also possible to chain kick , which gives an extra 800 points each time to a limit of 2400 points, giving a total of 4800 points to the player.

No glitches or cheat are used in this run. TASing tools were used to offer a high quality playthrough.

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