Mega Man (NES)

Game description

The very first Mega Man is a platformer that was released in 1987 by Capcom for the NES. The game was then followed by numerous games as well as sub-series such as Mega Man X or Mega Man: Battle Network.

According to the instruction manual, Mega Man is the creation of Dr. Wright, a genius scientist that wished to created robots for specific duties. With his assistant, Dr. Wily, they went to create additional Humanoids Robot to perform their prescribed tasks. However, Dr. Wright noticed how all these robots become unreliable and also dangerous overtime. He realizes that it is actually because of Dr. Wily, who grew jealous of his success and reprogrammed these robots for his own purposes of world domination. Managing to put Mega Man aside, Dr. Wright instruct Mega Man to protect the universe and its people by venturing through area related to each respective robot and stop Dr. Wily’s scheme.

At the beginning of the game, Mega Man can choose which Robot Masters to fight first, although there is an optimal path to make the game easier. Then, he must venture in a world themed by the boss itself and then confront it. He is able to shoot pellets with his Cannon Blast as well as jumping or climbing. He will fight a wide variety of small robot, such as Blader, moving Spine or Flying Shell. The majority of them will just move to hit mega Man, but some of them, such as the Sniper Joe, are able to shoot back.

Cut man, Guts man, Ice man, Bomb man, Fire man and Elec man are the sixth Robot Masters of the first game. Each uses their element to attack Mega Man, but in Gutsman’s case, he will use his artificial strength to throw boulder.

After defeating all six Robot Masters, Mega Man will enter Dr. Wily factories and will try to stop him. The final area is divided into four distinct stages, each with bosses at the end. The first one feature the Yellow Devil, a giant robot capable of moving itself part by part. The second level will be a rematch against two of the Robot Masters (Cut Man and Elec Man) as well as a copy of Mega Man. The third stage and with seven CWU-01P, machines that wander around the screen. They will go faster and faster as each of them gets destroyed by Mega Man. Finally, the last level is a rematch against the remaining Robot Master and the confrontation with Dr. Wily. Defeating him there and the game.

Mega Man playthrough

The playthrough was done on the USA version of the game. The goal is to beat the game without getting hit. The secondary goal is to have the highest high score as possible. The first Mega Man is notable to feature a point system that was dropped in the following game and most other main game of the series. Luck manipulation was done to get a 100 000 points bounty against all bosses.

Luck manipulation was used to have a 100 000 points bounty for each bosses. TAS tools were used to offer a high quality playthrough.

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