Street Fighter II’: Champion Edition (PC Engine) – Balrog (M.Bison)

Street Fighter II: Champion Edition was developed and published by Capcom for the PC Engine in 1993. It was only released in Japan. It is based on the 1992 arcade game of the same name by Capcom.

Ryu playthrough

Balrog (Known as M.Bison in Japan) is the first boss the player face in the game. He represents the Boxing world in Street Fighter and is mostly known for his powerful punches. All his kick move is punches, a trait he has kept in every other game he has appeared.

While in World Warrior is an unplayable boss, he is now playable on Champion Edition and all the following editions.

Balrog is a charge character with a three punch/three kick moves. His Dashing Uppercut and Turn Around Punch are back, along with his Regular Dash Punch. Speaking of his Turn Around Punch, it is now faster and can be held for a long time, delivering damage based on the number of in-game seconds three punches or three kicks is held.

In order to make him a playable character, Balrog had to be heavily toned down. He can’t spam his special move anymore and priority in his move has been altered. Unlike World Warrior, all his basic move has the same strength as the punch or kick button pressed (in the first edition, they were all doing fierce damage). He gains a few new animations, but many of his basic move use the same animation. For example, all 6 buttons will cause Balrog to perform the same kind of punch when in the air, but the reach and the time he is in the punching frame are different. The same apply to his crouching move, but his Fierce Punch variation will cause a knockdown.

He also gains a new hold, which is the most damaging and hardest to escape from (Although the CPU at the highest difficulty sometime escape from it without getting hit). It consists of delivering a series of headbutt to his opponent.

Despite the required nerf, Balrog is still a strong character against the CPU. His move (especially his Fierce Punch) has long reach and are generally fast. His crouching fierce kick and Dash Upper are excellent anti-air that counter almost any move in the game. He also walks fast, allowing him to control the area and laughing Turn Around Punch farther than normally to avoid a counter. Holding the three kicks or three punches to perform a stronger Turn Around Punch can also be useful, but higher number will rarely come in play. Finally, his headbutt hold is powerful early in the game, but the CPU character will eventually escape the hold before a single hit is done.

TAS tools were used to make this high quality playthrough video.

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