Street Fighter II : Champion Edition (PC Engine) – Dhalsim

Street Fighter II: Champion Edition was developed and published by Capcom for the PC Engine in 1993. It was only released in Japan. It is based on the 1992 arcade game of the same name by Capcom.

Ryu playthrough

Dhalsim is the oldest playable character in Street Fighter II. Despite being one of lesser-known one, he is very famous because of his unique move sets and his appearance. Dhalsim is a Yoga Master that has the ability to breathe fire. His training also allows him to extend his limbs far beyond a typical human. He is infamous for this, as while Yoga is a set of philosophy and mainly known in the west as one type of physical fitness, Dhalsim use all this knowledge in hand-to-hand combat.

Dhalsim is a motion character. He can spit fireball as a projectile or perform a long fire breath in front of him. He also has two unique airs. His Yoga Spear consists of him twirling around himself and rushing toward the opponent diagonally. His second move is the Yoga Mummy, which consists to rush toward his opponent, head first, in front of him instead of diagonally.

In Champion Edition, he gains the ability to perform his two airs moves at any time he is in the air, which allows him to have total control of the air. It can also lead to his combo consisting of the Yoga Spear, followed by two strong crouched kick.

Dhalsim is the hardest character to master in the game. All his moves require precision and CPU can easily counter if you do a mistake. However, his throw and his hold have incredibly priority and the longest range (outside of Zangief’s command grab throw). He is also excellent to push his opponent away with air move and zone the match with his fireball. His slide will go below all projectile as well. Lastly, his close fierce punch is his headbutt, who hit twice and often stun. He doesn’t have much combo, but his extended limbs and a fireball can connect at the same time on his opponent, often causing a stun.

His ability to control the air in Champion Edition allow him to catch his opponent unpredictably with his Yoga Spear, following by a throw or 2 crouched medium kick.

TAS tools were used in this playthrough.

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