Jet Moto (Playstation)

Game description

Jet Moto is a game developed by SingleTrac for the PlayStation 1 in 1997. It is a futuristic motor racing game which consists to be the championship of the Jet Moto Circuit.

The circuit itself consists of 10 different riders from five teams. Each rider has their unique bike and skill attributes. The three skills attributes are weight (of the vehicle), top speed and acceleration.

Beside turning, accelerating and braking, all riders can use a variety of techniques with their bike. The first one is the turbo. Each rider starts with a tank full of turbo fuel. It can be used as a whole, or only used for short bursts around jumping platform. In any case, the tank is restored to full after completing a lap.

They also have access to the magnetic grapple. This technology allows riders to grab a red energy pole scattered around the tracks, allowing to swing around the turn without losing much speed. The use of the magnetic grapple can change the course of the race, bringing you easily in first position if perfectly timed.

Without the red energy pole, you can press L1 or R1 in order to perform a sharp turn. However, this will slow you down. It is better to use it if no pole is nearby.

It is also possible to lean forward or lean backward, which is useful to gain or lose some speed to prepare for the jumps.

Speaking of the jumps, you have total control of your rider while in the air. You can move him or her in every angle and side. With the R2 at L2 button, you can roll your rider will in the air in order to safely land on a platform that requires a specific angle.

Dues to the sheer liberty of the game that allow you to control your rider, you might end up crashing. This can happen if there is a collision with other riders, or if your rider himself/herself hit an obstacle or the environment, causing him/her to be thrown out of the bike. It is also possible to fall into the bottomless pit, costing precious time. In all cases, you respawn not far from where you have fallen, but you will need to regain speed.

It is possible to perform stunts, by maneuvering your rider around the air. When landed, you may hear cheer crowding, giving you a small quantity of turbo fuel into your tank.

The Jet Moto Full Circuit needs to be played many times in order to access all the track in the game. There are 10 tracks in the game separated in four themes. There are three tracks with the island theme, three with the swamp theme and three with the alpine theme. The last track is a unique track set high in the air, over a city at night.

Each of them is classified by either a Green Circle (easy), a Blue Square (medium) or a Black Diamond (hardest).

Jet Moto playthrough

The playthrough using the USA version of Jet Moto. The goal is to race at least once on every track in the game and at the highest difficulty level possible. Initially, you start in the full season with three tracks. After completing them, you play the full season again for 6 tracks. The third time, it is nine tracks and the fourth time, every track in the game.

fourth time, every track in the game.

Stunt Mode is not played because it is the same as the regular game, except that there is a score tally at the end. The game was not beaten with every character, but at least one character of each team. Not all hidden trophy was earned since it would require beating the game with each character, and there is 16 of them. It was made so to avoid repetition since on screen, the character is only distinguished by their color, attribute and bike. Ending are shown at the end for each of them, however.

No cheats or glitch were used in this run. TAS tools were used to produce a high-quality gameplay.

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