Mortal Kombat 3 (Playstation) – Sindel

The PlayStation port of Mortal Kombat 3 was developed by Midway Manufacturing Company and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the North American, European and Japanese market in 1995.

Sindel Playthrough

Sindel is introduced as a Queen that once ruled the Outworld with Shao Khan. 10 000 years later, after she died of unknown circonstance, she is reborn on Earthrealm. This event allows Shao Khan to break the balance and have an edge over Earthrealm Invasion.

Sindel shoot Fireball through her mouth. She can do it a straight missile or while airborne (causer her to spit it diagonally, thus not an anti-air move). Beside these, she can also use her Wave Dizzy to stun her opponent, which allows her to do any move and combo right after. Lastly, she has a unique move that cause her to Float in the air. In this mode, she can fly around the screen very fast and shoot her Air Fireball. She can exit this mode at any time (or when she gets hit). Sindel has many combos, based on two main one. One of them cause the opponent to be launched in the air, for juggle possibilities.

Against the CPU, Sindel has to mainly rely on her Wave Dizzy. She can do a lot of damage by finishing it with a Double Fireball move, has it given enough time for Sindel to recover from the delay. Shooting Fireball or Air Fireball from far often catch the CPU. Her Float mode, however, is probably the move you will never against the CPU, since Sindel can only shoot Fireball and she will quickly get hit by her opponent.

As a side note, a CPU Sindel will never use her Float move. This is one of the very few moves that a CPU will never perform.

TAS tools were used in this playthrough.

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