Mortal Kombat II (Playstation) – Johnny Cage

Johnny Cage playthrough

In Mortal Kombat II, Cage’s move is expanded. He is now wearing pants with blue strips and normal shoes instead of a short and Kung-Fu shoes.

Cage’s Green Bolt is now thrown in an arc motion instead of a straight projectile. He is able to shoot it higher (for anti-air) or lower (at ground level). His Shadow Kick is also back and function the same way, but he can also perform a red version of the move at random, which deal a bit more damage but goes fast and far. His Ball Breaker also functions the same, but he can now use the move against himself, but not against the bosses or the female character. His Shadow Uppercut is his newest special move. When he performs, he will go diagonally in the air with his knee in the front. Lastly, he has a unique move, named Drop Kick that launches his opponent in the air for combo possibilities.

Against the CPU, his projectile and his Shadow Kick are his main move. He can also perform a 2-hit combo with his jump kick, followed by a jump kick. His drop kick and his Ball Breakers are moving easily blocked by the CPU, so it is better to use it early in the game. His Shadow Uppercut can be used in specific case, but require precise timing.

TAS tools were used to make this high quality playthrough video.

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