Street Fighter Alpha 3 (Playstation) – X-ISM M. Bison

Street Fighter Alpha 3 was developed and released by Capcom for the Sony Playstation in 1999.

M. Bison [X-ISM] Playthrough

M. Bison is the supreme Shadoloo leader. In Street Fighter Alpha 3, he is preparing his final plan to take over the world using the Psycho Drive. His main objective is to find and capture Ryu. Doing so, he will have a spare body of a strong fighter in an event his current one gets destroyed in the process.

The X-ISM mode is based on many mechanics of Super Street Fighter II Turbo. Every character has the following mechanics.

  • Longer Guard Power Gauge
  • All basic moves and special moves do more damage. Characters using X-ISM will take more damage as well
  • Super Combos does not do more damage
  • No air blocks
  • No ground recovery roll
  • No Alpha Counters
  • No Taunting (This does not apply to Dan)
  • One Super Combo per character. Performing it deplete the super combo bar complety

His Super Combo is his Knee Press Nightmare, a super special that is adapted from the one he had in Super Street Fighter II Turbo.

If going from the top to the bottom in the character selection screen, M. Bison is the first character that can be chosen. He is the only regular character to have a different final boss. Instead of fighting against himself, he will fight Ryu, attempting to fulfill his goal to capture him.

In a side note, The CPU M. Bison that is fought at the end for every other regular character is a regular M. Bison with a flag activated. Often known as Final Bison, these flags change certain animation to his move as well as giving him a unique ISM and a Super Combo known as the Final Psycho Crusher. This super special is the most powerful move in the game and can only be avoided by doing performing a special or a super special move a frame before he can hit you with his move. He also has the Knee Press Nightmare super special. Outside of this, he retains all the moves and special move of A-ISM M. Bison. Regular M. Bison can fight against his boss version in the World Tour mode, however.

TAS tools were used in this playthrough.

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