Street Fighter Alpha 3 (Playstation) – X-ISM Balrog

Street Fighter Alpha 3 was developed and released by Capcom for the Sony Playstation in 1999.

Balrog [X-ISM] Playthrough

Balrog was once a boxing champion in the USA. However, dues to his tendency to use illegal techniques and after injuring an opponent to the point he could not return to the ring, he was permanently banned from any boxing competition. Losing all his fames and money, he finds himself a shadow of his former self. He eventually heard about the Shadoloo crime organization and join it, working from the bottom until he gets a position of executive. In that position, he had control over lower members of the organization and received command from M. Bison directly. In Street Fighter Alpha 3, Balrog is sent by M. Bison in various missions. The first notable one is investigating what happened to his men in China, only to find that Gen is responsible for their beat-up. After taking care of him, he is sent to terminate Birdie. However, after the fight, Birdie tells Balrog about the Psycho Drive, which Balrog see as a way to get rich. Balrog demands him where it is but M. Bison caught off of this attempt.

Like in Street Fighter II and all following games he is in, Balrog doesn’t have kicks. Pressing the kicks button will cause him to perform different punches techniques from his punch button. He keeps all his special moves from Street Fighter II Turbo. His Dash Straight and his Dash Upper is his main special move. He also keeps his ground variant of his two special moves as well as the Buffalo Headbutt. His famed Turn Punch can be charged up to 10 times (causing Balrog to shout “final”). He has two super combos in the game. His Crazy Buffalo, a multi-hitting string of Dash Upper and Dash Straight, is back. He also has an extremely powerful super combo known as Gigaton Blow where he launches a single, devastating Dash Straight that hit multiple time. This super combo is unique in that the opponent will do several spins before falling in the ground.

The X-ISM mode is based on many mechanics of Super Street Fighter II Turbo. Every character has the following mechanics.

  • Longer Guard Power Gauge
  • All basic moves and special moves do more damage. Characters using X-ISM will take more damage as well
  • Super Combos does not do more damage
  • No air blocks
  • No ground recovery roll
  • No Alpha Counters
  • No Taunting (This does not apply to Dan)
  • One Super Combo per character. Performing it deplete the super combo bar complety

In X-ISM mode, Balrog only have his Dash Upper and his Dash Straight. The Crazy Buffalo is his super combo in that mode.

TAS tools were used in this playthrough.

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