Street Fighter Collection 2 (Playstation) – HF Chun-Li

HF Chun-Li playthrough

Chun-Li is often seen as the third character that represents the whole Street Fighter series, even outside of it, she is well-known in the world of gaming. She has established the fast and agile character in a fighting game, which consists of acrobatic technique as well as fast, but less strong move than the rest of the cast.

In Hyper Fighting, she gains the Kikoken technique. By doing a Half-Circle and any of the punch, she will throw her energy projectile. She is also able to perform her Spinning Bird Kick in the air, but is riskier than the one on the ground. The addition of the projectile allows Chun-Li to alternate between zoning and close combo chain, adding versatility in her move set.

She also has a few unique moves. She can stomp her opponent while in the air (and if fast enough can be done more than one time). She can also perform a knockdown when performing her Chest Flip Kick. She is able to perform some sort of back-flip, landing with a kick behind her opponent and knocking them down. Finally, she has an air throw.

Since the stun ratio is much lower in this edition, Chun-Li potential is not as good. Her chain of combo will still be very useful, but extra effort is needed to do it continuously. Her lighting kick is great to do in the corner as well for chip damage. Finally, her Air Throw and regular throw have priority and the former does a lot of damage. Her Spinning Kick was more or less fixed, still resulting into almost always stunning when she strikes two times along with strange collision. There is also a delay when she starts the move, making her vulnerable.

With the addition of her projectile, Chun-Li can push her opponent away or position them so she can perform a combo starting with an air move. Her spinning kick is less useful, however, as she takes more time to execute it.

As a side note, Chun-Li can clear the two bonuses extremely fast by only using her Lighting Kick technique.

TAS tools were used to make this high quality playthrough video.

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