Batman Returns (Super NES)

Batman Returns was developed and published by Konami in 1993 for the Super NES in all region. It is based on the movie of the same name produced by Warner Bros. and directed by Tim Burton.

Game description

The Super NES version of Batman’s return is a beat ‘em all that play similarly to Final Fight.

The game mostly follows the key element of the movie, while having some original content inbetween.

According to the instruction manual. Gotham City is preparing its annual christmas celebration and the mayor is giving his usual speech. Much to the surprise of the crowd, a huge gift box appears at the back of the plaza. When it erupts, a crowd of clown, skull-masked motorcyclist and dangerous knife wielding thug terrorize the city. The Police Commissionner Gordon, with reflexes, send the batman signal in order to alert Bruce Wayne.

Batman Returns has three distinct types of gameplays :

  • Beat ‘em All, which is the main type.
  • Side scrolling eat ‘em up, which happen from time to time in the game
  • Vehicular third person shooter, which only happen on scene

The game has seven main scenes. Most of the level have sub-stages and they all end with a boss fight.

Batman then climb the prowl and end up confront Catwoman for the first time on the top of a building. After getting defeat, she will throw herself down the building, but will end up safely landing on a container of cat litter.

Catwoman’s goal to lure Batman at the top of the building is to bring him in The Penguin’s Trap, where he must traverse a building from the bottom to the top with the intention to save the Ice Queen. Catwoman confront him again but end up being defeated once more. Then, Batman will fight the Penguin for the first time. After his defeat, he will cause the Ice Queen to fall to her death. Because witness saw Batman but not The Penguin, he was initially framed for her murder.

Later learning of the Circus Train that kidnapped children and is heading to the Penguin’s Lair, he gets into his Batmobile and fight off hordes of skull-masked biker until he finds the trains.

He then manages to climb on the Circus Train and stop it by defeating the Meat Grinder. Finally, he ventures through the penguin lair and first confront The Penguin a second time in his duck shaped vehicle before having a final confrontation with him near the machine.

Batman has many moves to defend himself. He has his basic combo that end up with a knockdown. He can also grab and walk with his opponent to either slam him down or grab another opponent to slam their head on each other. In area where there is a wall in the background, he can also throw his opponent at it, breaking anything that was here such as windows or poles. He also has the ability to jump kick and perform a body press. He can swing his capes to push the enemy if he is stuck, but this technique removes some of his health. Batman’s projectile can stun all non-boss enemy in beat’em all segments of the game. In the side scrolling mode, it acts as a damaging projectile that can be shot much faster. He can also use his spear to carry himself around in some section of the side scrolling section. In the driving stage, his only weapon is his bullet shot from his car.

In all mode but the driving stage, batman carry a vial of chemical explosives with him. This attack will flash the screen in white and will defeat any non-boss enemy in one hit. It also makes Batman invincible, which can be useful to avoid attack such as the first confrontation with The Penguin where he will still try to ram you as he is hit by the bang.

Batman Returns Playthrough

The game uses the USA version of Batman Returns. The goal is to beat the game without taking any damage at the highest difficulty level (Mania).

TAS tools were used in this playthrough.

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