Bram Stoker’s Dracula (Super NES)

Game description

Bram Stoker’s Dracula for the Super NES was developed by Psygnosis and Travaller’s Tales and published by Sony Imagesoft in September 1993. It is an action-platform game based on the movie of the same name, released in 1992 in theatres. Its story is loosely based on it.

As explained in the manual, Dracula is described as an individual that stalks his unwitting victims with the passion of a prince and the grace of a wild animal. He can shapeshift to anything he wants and won’t hesitate to kill anybody who would put his reign in trouble.

To townsfolk, he is known as the Prince of Darkness—Count Dracula. In 1897, he cases his hypnotic spell on Mina Murray, the wife of the main character and solicitor Johnathan Harker, who came to do business with count before this event. To save her, he must drive a stake through the heart of this mischievous vampire and save Mina from being corrupted into a vampire forever.

It features many elements of the movies, but sacrifice was made to be a viable video game. Characters such as Dr. Van Helsing the Dracula’s bride and the Count himself make an appearance. Many locations reference the movies, from the Tavern to the castle itself. Some enemy is original to the game, such as the skeletons, knight, and some of the bosses.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula for the Super NES summarizes the journey of Jonathan Harker. He starts in a rat-infested tavern, with hostile wild dogs and deranged men, including some of them being drunk. He continues to the mossy field before ending up in Dracula’s library.

Then, he goes down in a large system of caverns before having a first confrontation with the bride and Dracula himself, in his old form.

Jonathan end up in a barn owned by the Count, venturing through it until arriving at some sort woody field with aggressive zombies. After passing through it, he ends up in the Hillingham Estate, going through the building to find your way through the cellar and exit through an ancient cemetery.

Past the cemetery, the Carfax Abbey is the next area he must venture through, going around the various prisoners before fighting a giant individual that spit spiders. Directly after him, Dracula tries to stop you again in his bat forms.

After all this, you arrive at Transylvania, in the main area of the castle. There, he will confront Dracula a last time. IN this fight, he will be wearing his full, red armoured attire and will try to slice you to pieces. Defeating him will allow you to save Mina and cause the castle to crumbles, ending the game.

There are six levels in the game, split into 2 or more sequence. The first part is always set during the dusk. In this section, you must find Van Heisling who will suggest you gather a sub weapon in the map. After meeting him, you can either get that weapon or go to the exit. The second and later part are set during the night.

Boss fight can happen between the part, but a level will always end up with the main boss before transitioning to the next one.

Jonathan has 2 ways to defend himself. He first starts with a dagger and can use it to attack his enemies. Early in the game, you will get a more powerful variant that allows you a greater range. He also has access to a variety of secondary weapons, such as dynamite, shotguns, and stake. His health bar is represented with black potion, and each it drains one of them. If you lose a life, you will respawn at the last checkpoint you have hit with your sword.

Bram Stoker Dracula playthrough

The run uses the USA version of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. The main goal is to beat the game without being hit and find all secrets at the highest difficulty level.

All sub weapons were used at least once, and all items were collected. The game introduction and the three demos were shown. Health and life options were put at the lowest possible.

No cheats were used in the run. However, some flaw in the game were exploited, notably against a few bosses to make the fight much easier. TAS tools were used to make a high-quality gameplay.

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