Fighter’s History (Super NES) – Feilin

The Super NES port of Fighter’s History was developed and published by Data East for the North American and Japanese Market in 1994. The original arcade game was developed by Data East and released in 1993.

Feilin playthrough

Liu Feilin is the second playable character. She is a very popular actress in China and is guided by her narcissism in order to be the greatest fighter ever. She sees the tournament as the next step to be known worldwide.

Feilin is a hybrid character, with two charges move and one motion move. Her Touroh Zan is her projectile move. She can also perform the move in the air, known as the Diving Touroh Zan, being one of the earliest instances of an air projectile move. Finally, she has her Hakkaku Soubi Ken move, which consist of her performing some kind of slash up until she gets about halfway in the air, mostly hitting once but sometime hitting as much as three times.

Feilin is good against the CPU, but she might have trouble in some situation. Her special moves are slow and her Hakkaku Soubi Ken can make her vulnerable if she doesn’t knock down her opponent. However, she is a fast character and can escape many situations or perform quick, light combos. Her jump fierce kick is particularly useful dues to the cross-up potential that can be followed by other moves for a combo. Her projectile is mostly used to hit the opponent after he is knocked down first.

As a side note, when the game was first released in the arcade, Feilin was seen as a Chun-Li (from Street Fighter) clone despite the fact that both had a completely different move list and appearance, only sharing their home country.

TAS tools were used in this playthrough.

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