Killer Instinct (Super NES) – Spinal

Killer Instinct was developed by Rare and published by Nintendo for the Super NES in 1995.

Important note: Luck manipulation was used to avoid Combo Breaker by the CPU. At the highest difficulty level, the CPU, especially the last three (Spinal, Fulgore and Eyedol) will often break a combo at anytime during said combo.

Spinal playthrough

Spinal is an ancient warrior that was revived by Ultratech. The process that brought him back in the modern world is a heavily guarded secret that few known within the company. Spinal barely remember his past, but he has kept his fighting capabilities intact.

Spinal is both a charge and motion character. His Soul Sword his is main special attack to start a combo string. It consists to slash his opponent with a fiery hit from his sword. He can also perform it as he walks toward the opponent. His Bone Shaker is his rushing move, running at his opponent and hitting him with his shield. He is also able to teleport himself around the arena. He has four variations (two in the air and two when on the ground) that teleport either in the front or behind the opponent. If his slide is performed as a special move, it will not knockdown the opponent and will allow him to start a combo. Finnally, Spinal can absorb special move hit with his shield, giving him a spark in his life bar.

Spinal has many elements unique to him. After performing a combo breaker, he can use his skulls he gains from using his magical shield to block the projectile. He gains access to a projectile as well as more powerful version of the move. One of his combo variations involve him to morph into his opponent to finish the combo. This will work on himself (with a preset combo) and against EyeDol as well.

Spinal needs to lure his opponent close to him to hit them with his Soul Sword special move and starts a combo. He can also start them with precise timing if he hit his opponent with a jumping fierce kick following by the Soul Sword or Bone Shaker.

As a side note, Spinal’s second Danger move was changed from a skeleton grabbing the defeated opponent to the ground to a lightning strike that is similar to Chief Thunder’s but only hit once.

TAS tools were used in this playthrough.

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