Killer Instinct (Super NES) – Glacius

Killer Instinct was developed by Rare and published by Nintendo for the Super NES in 1995.

Important note: Luck manipulation was used to avoid Combo Breaker by the CPU. At the highest difficulty level, the CPU, especially the last three (Spinal, Fulgore and Eyedol) will often break a combo at anytime during said combo.

Glacius playthrough

Glacius is an alien that was exploring the galaxy in search of new life before his ship is caught in Earth’s gravitational system and crash in a snowy mountain rang. He survives and he is now looking to fix his ship with whatever thing he can find. During his searches, he is captured by Ultratech and is forced in the tournament.

Glacius is both a charge and motion character. His main rushing move is the Cold Shoulder, which consists of sliding with his elbow first toward the opponent. His projectile is a shockwave he performs as he slams the ground. This shockwave bounce until it leaves the screen or hit the opponent. His Liquidize move allow him to melt and give a surprise uppercut at the opponent. When done with the Weak Kick button, he will instead reappear behind the opponent without hitting him. Finally, he can shapeshift his arm into a lance to uppercut his opponent.

Glacius has advantage but also disadvantage against the CPU. The CPU tends to perform more combo breakers against him than the other character. It mostly happens after the first Cold Shoulder move. However, his combo is damaging and he can perform an extra juggle hit with the fierce version of his Liquidize move. This special move is also useful for Glacius because he is invincible during it until he rematerializes for an uppercut. This allows him to avoid all projectiles (including Eyedol) and most jump move. His Ice Lance, however, has always the priority over any air move.

TAS tools were used in this playthrough.

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