Killer Instinct (Super NES) – Cinder

Killer Instinct was developed by Rare and published by Nintendo for the Super NES in 1995.

Important note: Luck manipulation was used to avoid Combo Breaker by the CPU. At the highest difficulty level, the CPU, especially the last three (Spinal, Fulgore and Eyedol) will often break a combo at anytime during said combo.

Cinder playthrough

Cinder, formally known as Ben Ferris, was a convicted criminal that took Ultratech’s opportunity to have an early parole. However, he was turned into a living flame after a failed experiment. At the time Glacius was captured by Ultratech, the company, as part of elaborate research, task Cinder to defeat him.

Cinder is a motion character. His main rushing move is his Trailblazer move, which consists of himself turning into a fireball and striking his opponent. The move can also be done in the air and be done as a reversal as you walk toward the opponent. His projectile is the Inferno. When done, he will crouch and shoot chemical fire to his opponent, striking him multiple time but not counting as an actual combo? He can also perform a much shorter ranged chemical fire known as the Head Fist. Unlike Inferno, Head Fist can be used for combo. His anti-air is the Fire Flash, consisting of doing flips in the air and striking twice. Cinder also has 2 passive special moves. He is able to dim himself with his Mirage technique, making him immune to every projectile in the game. He can also turn invisible with his Heatsink technique. Getting hit after performing one of those two moves will remove the ability. Cinder is the only character that has a unique property when he is in the air. It is possible to control his velocity, such as stopping him on his track and going sightly backward. He can also perform regular jump if no directional button is pressed after the initial jump.

Cinder’s Trailblazer is his main move against the CPU. It is a very fast move and it is possible to hit the CPU right after it initially blocks the first attempt. The move can also be used in the air to escape corner or to perform an extra juggle hit with the Fierce version. His Flash Fire has high priority as an anti-air and its fierce version deal a lot of damage. His Heatsink’s projectile immunity is also useful as the CPU won’t take account of it until later in the tower. His Inferno projectile will rarely come into play because of its weak damage and long recovery delay if blocked. Turning invisible will also be more detrimental to the player himself/herself than the CPU because it will still see the player anyway.

TAS tools were used in this playthrough.

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