Street Fighter II (Super NES) – Blanka

Blanka playthrough

Blanka is known for his unique appearance and his unusual set of moves. Despite his muscular stature, he is fast and has an all-around move set to defend himself from most situations. He doesn’t represent a particular character class, but he is frequently credited as the “oddball character” in a fighting cast.

Blanka is a charge character, along with a tapping move. His only charge move is his signature Rolling Attack, which consists of launching himself like a ball to his target. Many strategic can be done with this technique, especially since his jab version is much slower and his fierce version fly very fast. His second move requires the player to tap any of the three punches as fast as he can. This cause blank to crouch and generate electricity around him. This move will counter a vast majority of his opponent move, but dues to the collision of that move, it is possible that he trades with his opponent. Shoryuken, Flash Kick and Zangief’s Pile Driver are examples of move that will always work against him.

Blanka weak box is during his Rolling Ball move. While powerful, it is also very risky to use it as if the opponent counter, he will take double damage.

Against the CPU, Blanka can use his Rolling Ball technique after chaining a few normal moves, causing dizzy. His crouching fierce punch has a long reach and priority as well as his fierce jump kick. His crouching medium kick is his main method to chain combo (especially after a fierce punch or kick). His throw, however, is unfortunately useless, since most of the time, the CPU will break free at the highest difficulty before a hit can be done.

As a side note, the CPU Blanka, at the highest difficulty, has a tendency to perform his throw bite which is nearly impossible to break free from unless more than 60% of damage is done.

TAS tools were used to make this high quality playthrough video.

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