Street Fighter II (Super NES) – Vega

Vega playthrough

In Brazil, a pirated version of Street Fighter II was released in 1993. Its main change is the ability to play as the four bosses of the game, who are unplayable in WW but playable in all other follow-up of Street Fighter 2. Attempting to play as Vega with a cheating device in the original game will cause glitches and freeze the game. In the hack, the author mapped the bosses’ move to regular character.

Vega (Known as Balrog in Japan) is the second boss the player face in the game. Vega introduced the concept of highly acrobatic and high flyer character that is very fast but with a weak defense. He is also the only character of the game fighting with a weapon (his claw), which allow him to hit from far.

Vega is probably the most broken character in WW, because all his normal move involving his claw, even jabs, does incredible damage and are extremely fast. Doing the crouched jabs four times remove more than 80% of the life bar, just to give an example. Beside this move, all his other move is counted a fierce move, causing frequent dizzy and re-dizzy. His air kick also has absolute priority, except against Shoryuken moves. Lastly, he is able to throw, but his air throw seems missing from the Arcade.

Vega has 2 special moves that are ironically weaker than his normal move. Unlike later games, he only rolls once when performing the Rolling Crystal Flash, regardless of the punch used.

His second move has a unique property in WW only. In later game, his Flying Barcelona Attack move makes him fly toward the closest corner. He will then jump toward his opponent to either claw him or perform his Izuna Drop air throw. If he performs it in his own stage, he will climb the fence, but will end up doing the same move. In WW, since he was not intended to be playable or used in other stages, this move will make him climb the fence regardless of the level. He can’t be controlled and will always do his claw move. He also can’t lose his claw in this edition.

All four bosses don’t have ending in WW. Beating the game will them will cause a glitched screen to display for a few seconds and will continue to the credit sequence. In some version of the hack, it will crash the game instead, requiring a reset.

As a side note, his unique voice sample is glitched in any other stage that isn’t his own. It is unnoticed in the original game, because he can only be fought in his own stage.

TAS tools were used to make this high quality playthrough video.

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