Street Fighter II (Super NES) – Sagat

Sagat playthrough

In Brazil, a pirated version of Street Fighter II was released in 1993. Its main change is the ability to play as the four bosses of the game, who are unplayable in WW but playable in all other follow-up of Street Fighter 2. Attempting to play as Sagat with a cheating device in the original game will cause glitches and freeze the game. In the hack, the author mapped the bosses’ move to regular character.

Sagat is the third boss the player face in the game. He is notable, along with Ryu and Ken, to be the only returning character from the original Street Fighter, where he was the final boss. He is again unplayable in Street Fighter II: The World Warrior. Sagat is the character who represents Muay Thai. Many of his move and his blocking sprite are similar to the real technique presented in this martial art.

Like the other bosses, Sagat is broken in WW. All of his regular move is considered fierce move and he can easily chain them together for dizzy and possible redizzy. His tiger shot deals more damage than a regular projectile and he can cancel them for a tiger uppercut as soon as the projectile is shot. His air move has high priority and he can usually follow with a tiger shot or his 2-hit kick.

Sagat can shoot high tigers and low tiger projectiles. He can also perform his Tiger Uppercut, which is very similar to Ryu and Ken but generally stronger. Unique to WW, his fierce punches (standing and crouching) use the same animation as the tiger shot.

All four bosses don’t have ending in WW. Beating the game will them will cause a glitched screen to display for a few seconds and will continue to the credit sequence. In some version of the hack, it will crash the game instead, requiring a reset.

TAS tools were used to make this high quality playthrough video.

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