Street Fighter II (Super NES) – M. Bison

M. Bison playthrough

In Brazil, a pirated version of Street Fighter II was released in 1993. Its main change is the ability to play as the four bosses of the game, who are unplayable in WW but playable in all other follow-up of Street Fighter 2. Attempting to play as M. Bison with a cheating device in the original game will cause glitches and freeze the game. In the hack, the author mapped the bosses’ move to regular character.

M. Bison (Known as Vega in Japan) is the final opponent for the game. He is again unplayable in Street Fighter II: The World Warrior. M. Bison represent the dictator type of character, who is typically the final opponent that must be defeated in order to save the world from world domination.

While in World Warrior is an unplayable boss, he is now playable on Champion Edition and all the following editions.

Unfortunately, dues to the way the hackers mapped the move of bosses into regular character, M. Bison is less accurate than his CPU counterparts. He is able to perform his Psycho Crusher and his Head Stomp Move. However, during the second part of the later move, you can’t control the outcome. His Scissor Kick is now his fierce kick. Unlike the CPU, M. Bison has to be very close to his opponent and it will only hit once. The same apply to his crouching Fierce Kick. He will perform his slide knockdown, but he won’t move from his initial position.

Dues to theses limitations, he is considered the less broken of the four bosses, but still too powerful to be playable. All his move is considered fierce move, and he deals high damage. He is also fast and has high priority and cross-up capability with his kick and his air moves.

There are a few problems with M. Bison’s gameplay. He cannot use his Head Stomp move against himself or the three bosses. Doing so will cause him to jump off the screen for a while before landing. His Psycho’s energy also has the wrong palette in every stage but his own. Finally, he doesn’t have his unique introduction, where he is seen holding a cape before throwing it away.

All four bosses don’t have ending in WW. Beating the game will them will cause a glitched screen to display for a few seconds and will continue to the credit sequence. In some version of the hack, it will crash the game instead, requiring a reset.

TAS tools were used to make this high quality playthrough video.

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