Street Fighter Alpha 3 (Playstation) – X-ISM Fei-Long

Street Fighter Alpha 3 was developed and released by Capcom for the Sony Playstation in 1999.

Fei Long [X-ISM] Playthrough

Fei-Long wasn’t present in the original version of Street Fighter Alpha 3 for the Arcade. He was later added in the console port of the game, including the PlayStation version.

Fei-Long is a movie actor, participating in various movies involving fights and choreography. However, he grew bored with what he considers not the true experience and seek fighting in real situations.

In Street Fighter Alpha 3, he is still acting in movies while pursuing fights in the streets. He eventually ends up meeting Balrog, who offers him to be part of Shadoloo. Refusing, he fights and defeated him. Hearing this, Vega later confronts him and does the same kind of offer that Balrog did. Fei-Long gave the same fate to Vega as he did to Balrog. Later, M. Bison directly confront him with a final offer that can only be refused if he ends up being killed. With all his courage and power, he defeats M. Bison. He then realized that the stalking stopped as the Shadoolo organization eventually crumbled to dust because of many factors, such as M. Bison’s own demise. He would be inspired by this adventure to star in a movie based on these events, winning an Oscar.

Fei Long has the same special move he had in Super Street Fighter II Turbo. His Rekka Ken is his main punch technique, which consists of lunging to his opponent with a punch. This move can be performed two other times in the same combo. His Shien Kyaku consists of putting all his power on his foot and leaping upwards in the hair, kicking his opponent and causing him to catch in fire. Depending of the strength, the move can hit up to two times. His final technique, known as the Rekku Kyaku or Chicken Wing, consists of hitting his opponent with a string of kicks while being in the air. Fei-Long has three super combos. The Ryuu Yassai is the same super combo that he had in Super Street Fighter II, which is a string of punch technique against his opponent. His Shien Renkyaku is a powerful, multi-hit version of the Shien Kyaku. The Ryuu Shin Yassai is a unique super combo where he performs a strong of punch before doing Bruce Lee’s famed kick in the air, causing his opponent to catch in fire.

The X-ISM mode is based on many mechanics of Super Street Fighter II Turbo. Every character has the following mechanics.

  • Longer Guard Power Gauge
  • All basic moves and special moves do more damage. Characters using X-ISM will take more damage as well
  • Super Combos does not do more damage
  • No air blocks
  • No ground recovery roll
  • No Alpha Counters
  • No Taunting (This does not apply to Dan)
  • One Super Combo per character. Performing it deplete the super combo bar complety

In X-ISM, Fei-Long has his Rekka Ken, Shien Kyaku and Rekku Kyaku (Chicken Wing) technique. His Super Combo is the more powerful Rekka Ken, the Ryuu Yassai.

TAS tools were used in this playthrough.

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