Street Fighter Alpha 3 (Playstation) – X-ISM Chun-Li

Street Fighter Alpha 3 was developed and released by Capcom for the Sony Playstation in 1999.

Chun-Li [X-ISM] Playthrough

In the Alpha storyline, Chun-Li is an Interpol investigator. After her father was found dead suspiciously, she attempted to use her expertise in order to find the reason. After sparing with some of her father friend, one of them, Gen, tell her that he was the unfortunate victim of M. Bison and his Shadoloo organization. After finding M. Bison for the first time, the two fights, but M. Bison easily dispose of her. Chun-Li is then filled with rage and swore for revenge. During Street Fighter Alpha 3, she comes in contact with Charlie in order to finds Shadoloo base and destroy it. However, Chun-Li finds out that M. Bison actually manipulated some leader of the United States Air Force and she manages to tell Charlie and later Guile about it before it is too late. During her mission, she first fight Birdie, who is a high-ranking member of Shadoloo to get more detail about the organization. She then confronts Cammy and the Dolls, realizing that they are all brainwashed by M. Bison, who is watching the fight from afar. After defeating them, Chun-Li get her chance for the revenge and instead of trying to arrest him by pointing a pistol, she would use all her force to destroy him once for all.

Chun-Li has many special moves, keeping all the one she had in Super Street fighter II Turbo. She can use her Kikouken projectile as well as her famed Spinning Bird Kick, the only special move that is translated in English. She also keeps her anti-air kick move known as the Tenshoukyaku and her Hyakuretsu Kyaku (multihit lighting kick). She is one of the few classic characters to gain a new distinct special move known as the Sou Hakkei. It consists of performing a very strong palm strike that sends the opponent on the other side of the screen. Chun-Li has three super combos, each based on her special move. The Senretsu Kyaku is a powerful multi-hit version of her Hyakuretsu Kyaku. Her Kikoushou is the powerful form of her Kikouken projectile and her Hazan Tenshoukyaku is a powerful version of the regular Tenshoukyaku.

The X-ISM mode is based on many mechanics of Super Street Fighter II Turbo. Every character has the following mechanics.

  • Longer Guard Power Gauge
  • All basic moves and special moves do more damage. Characters using X-ISM will take more damage as well
  • Super Combos does not do more damage
  • No air blocks
  • No ground recovery roll
  • No Alpha Counters
  • No Taunting (This does not apply to Dan)
  • One Super Combo per character. Performing it deplete the super combo bar complety

In X-ISM mode, Chun-Li has a distinct costume that she had in Street Fighter II, while she has her regular Alpha series costume in A-Ism and V-Ism mode. She is the only character, with Sodom, to have a different appearance (thought for Sodom, only his weapon are different). She has the Sou Hakkei and her Spinning Bird Kick as a special move. She can only use her Tenshoukyaku has a reversal technique, unlike the other ism. Her super combo is the Senretsu Kyaku, the same she had in Super Street fighter II Turbo.

As a side note, while Chun-Li’s intro, versus screen and quote screen will properly show her costume in X-ISM mode but she will wear her Alpha series costume in the ending.

TAS tools were used in this playthrough.

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