Street Fighter Collection 2 (Playstation) – WW Ken

WW Ken playthrough

Ken is the second well known character in the Street Fighter series, often referred as the “Player 2” version of Ryu in Street Fighter and Street Fighter II: The World Warriors. He, along with Ryu, established what is known as the shotos: character that has projectiles, an anti-air special move and strong kick special move.

In World Warrior, Ken is, technically speaking, almost identical to Ryu in every aspect. His three differences are :

  • Ken kick throw cause him to roll with his opponent before throwing him, sending his opponent farther than Ryu
  • Ryu has a weak box during his dizzy states when he leans toward his opponent. Ken doesn’t have that weak box
  • Ken’s winning poses and quotes are different from Ryu

In later game of the series, Ryu and Ken would have more and more difference in the way they fight, adapting the same fighting style to their own.

Ken is a motion character, which means that all his move can be performed by doing specific move input without charging. Taking the shotos type of character, Ken has his well-known Hadouken as a projectile, his Shoryuken as an anti-air special move and his Tatsumaki (also known as Hurricane Kick) has his strong kick special.

Against the CPU, Ken is very powerful. He can defeat every other character’s physical move with his Shoryuken, and can chain normal move with it. He can easily dizzy his opponent and perform a tirade of combos that can remove up to 70% of health. He is also able to perform cross-up combo with his fierce kick, followed by crouched jab kick or standing jab punch and finishing it up with a Hurricane Kick. Some examples of his chain of combos include.

  • fierce punch (close), Jab or Medium Shoryuken
  • Fierce air kick, 2 crouched jab kick and any of the three Hurricane Kick
  • Spamming his crouched jab kick as fast as possible

Combining these can sometime cause the opponent to be re-dizzied, allowing Ken to technically does an 100% combo.

As a side note, his crouched jab kick, when performed very fast, can easily stun his opponent. Doing a series of this move after the dizzy will almost defeat his opponent before he or she can do anything. The CPU has a tendency to do this move.

TAS tools were used to make this high quality playthrough video.

TAS tools were used to make this high quality playthrough video.

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